Lube Gate Scandal: BJ Penn Files Complaint With The NSAC, Wants Rematch With GSP



BJ Penn has officially sent a letter to the Nevada State Athletic Commission requesting an investigation into whether Georges St. Pierre’s corner man Phil Nurse intentionally lubed his fighters back during the UFC 94 superfight last Saturday.

The letter does not constitute a formal request for an investigation by the NSAC. He will have 10 days to request a formal investigation.

Here is part of the letter sent to the NSAC:

“In order for Mr. Penn (or any other licensed fighter of the Nevada Athletic Commission) to properly executive Brazilian jiu jitsu or the many other grappling techniques which are an essential part of MMA, it is necessary that an environment exists without any illegally applied lubricants, oils or other substances that cause or result in slippery surfaces on the combatants”

“The first round, one of the inspectors that was on the outside of the cage came over to me and said it looked to him that when the cornerman, who I think in that case was Phil Nurse, put the Vaseline on Georges’ face then rubbed his shoulders — which you see the guys rubbing the other guy’s shoulders to help him out — he didn’t wipe off his hands between doing that,” Kizer said. “I said, ‘Well, I’m going to watch very closely after this round.’

Keith Kizer the executive director of the NSAC witnessed the lubing incident during the rounds at UFC 94, had this to say on what transpired:

Kizer said he then witnessed one cornermen put Vaseline on Georges’ face, which is allowed, but that he then illegally put his hands on the fighter’s back “to do the breathing thing they always do …. Tony Liano and I immediately yelled at him, and I don’t think he heard us because of the noise … So I actually went into the octagon, and I said, ‘Take your hand off of his back. What are you doing?’ We wiped it down. We made sure it was wiped down after the third round as well. This was after the second when I was in there. I was very upset. I don’t know if they were doing it intentionally or not. Either way, they shouldn’t have done it.” [mmajunkie]

According to the letter sent to the NSAC, BJ Penn might be seeking a rematch with GSP:

“All Mr. Penn wanted to have is a fair and just bout and he continues to seek a fair and just encounter against Georges St-Pierre.”

The wording suggests that Penn wants to get back in the Octagon with St. Pierre for what would be a third meeting between the pair. [FightersOnly]