M-1 Global’s Jerry Millen, Lesnar Deserving Of A Fight With Fedor?



M-1 Global exec Jerry Millen responds to the allegation that Fedor Emelianenko is dodging UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar,

“Is the best competition in the UFC? …. I don’t know. Any given day, anyone can be the best competition. Do I think Brock Lesnar is the best competition for Fedor right now? I don’t know. Is he? He’s only had five MMA fights.”

“There might be another guy out there that deserves to fight Fedor — maybe a guy that’s been fighting 10 years that has 20 fights, 30 fights under his belt. Maybe he deserves a shot. Why does Brock Lesnar deserve that shot just because he’s champion of the UFC?”

“I can’t speak for Fedor, but I can tell you what I think. I think Fedor’s already proven his legacy. I was at all of his fights in PRIDE, and I no-doubt saw the best fighter in the world perform.” [MMAJunkie]

Millen and the crew over at M-1 have been drinking to much Kool-Aid, if they don’t think Lesnar vs Fedor isn’t the best fight out their for Fedor.