M-1 Make The Case For Fedor Emelianenko vs. Brock Lesnar

m-1 mixed fight

M-1 released this official statement making the case for what could become the biggest heavyweight fight in the history of MMA.

The Statement:

M-1 would like to congratulate Brock Lesnar on his UFC heavyweight title victory as well as acknowledge Randy Couture’s return to active competition after a layoff that lasted over a year.

Couture and WAMMA heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko had publicly acknowledged a desire to fight each other multiple times over the course of the past year. While M-1 and Fedor remain interested in a match against Couture, we would also like to publicly state for the record that we would welcome a superfight between Fedor and Lesnar that would be held as a co-promoted event between the UFC, M-1, and Affliction Entertainment.

We’ve invited the media to speak with us today to not only make it clear we would welcome a Fedor vs. Lesnar matchup but to act in a preemptive fashion to address the possibility that UFC officials will try and position Lesnar as the No. 1 heavyweight in the world, much like they have tried to use a marketing ploy to brand Anderson Silfva as the number one pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

In the past, UFC president Dana White and Zuffa, LLC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta have tried to claim that Fedor was “overrated” and that his “record was irrelevant.” They make these claims in spite of the fact that Fedor holds career victories over UFC champions past and present. While we have tremendous respect for the contributions Mr. Fertitta and Dana have made to this sport, we do not believe they are sincere in their statements.

It is the position of M-1 that the UFC has adopted an anti-Fedor policy because multiple attempts to sign him have not been fruitful. For a company that has tried to market itself as the number one promotion in the world, they are unable to accept the fact that the number one fighter in the world does not reside on its roster of contracted fighters.

We believe that the UFC has determined that it’s much more inexpensive for them to use their marketing resources to use smoke and mirrors to brand a fighter as the pound-for-pound best as opposed to actually paying the pound-for-pound best what he is truly worth on the open market.

While Brock Lesnar is an accomplished athlete and a talented fighter, we do not consider him to be the number one heavyweight in the world. Until someone beats him, we strongly believe that Fedor should continue to be recognized as the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. In a match between Fedor and Lesnar, we do not feel that at this stage Lesnar would be able to make it out of the first round.

For those who feel our statements in regards to Fedor are self-serving, we’d like to refer you to a video interview on the website RawVegas.tv in which at his UFC 91 after-party Couture himself acknowledges that “Fedor would probably tear Brock up at this point.”

Jerry Millen, M-1 Vice President


  1. just another mma dud

    November 19, 2008 at 2:30 am

    And here is one more MMA organization that is showing their need to be more important than the fighters. Calling Zuffa out? Now I don't know Dana personally but he doesn't strike me as a man who knuckles down to this sort of thing. I don't disagree that Fedor will beat Brock like a rented mule, but I don't see that this is any way to get that fight going. Or Fedor/Couture for that matter! I would love for one of these companies to take the marketing high ground once in a while.

  2. T.R.

    November 19, 2008 at 2:55 am

    I agree. They know that the fight will not happen as a co-promotion so why even put this out. I can't wait for the aa/fedor fight though.

  3. Tim

    November 19, 2008 at 3:15 am

    This is a cheap shot to get noticed and to created turmoil nothing will get done this way.. Duh i love Brock but at this stage in his career fedor would beat thim although i think he would be a threat still to him he is not overall conditioned in MMA enough but Fuck only 2 years of training full time and look what he has accomplished. Its only a matter of time before brock is the number one HWHGT in the world…meaning in about 3 plus years.

  4. Andre

    November 19, 2008 at 4:07 am

    Personally I feel that there's no need for Fedor to fight in the UFC aside from the financial aspect . as said before fedor holds wins over Noguera , coleman , Hearing , & Silvia, why go back and fight these fighters again . his contact with M-1 allows him to fight all over and not be compromised to one Organization, a fight with Couture seems like a bad move at this point mainly because of Couture's age and recent lose . i do recall Dana making the statement in which he says that Fedor is overrated to me that was a pretty stupid comment , not every fighter that fights in the UFC is the Best in the World In there Division ,Lets not be so close minded for MMa fans that watched Fedor in Japan there's no Doupt that until fedor gets beat he is still Ranked No 1 . the fight with Arlovski should be a good match up

  5. roy

    November 19, 2008 at 5:22 am

    great post andre,although it may seem like a cheap shot from m-1 they probally are right in making that statement because you know dana is going to go out and say that brock is number one and that he could kill fedor knowing the same thing, that he will never let them fight.

  6. Nate Fury

    November 19, 2008 at 6:51 am

    The UFC will never take a chance and put Brock against Fedor at this point in Brock's career. Fedor vs. Couture is more realistic at this time. Remember Couture says he was "caught". so he did'nt believe he was dominated by Brock and therefore could still pose a threat to Fedor.

  7. Tim

    November 19, 2008 at 6:52 am

    You know i dont think Dana would go out and say that as he understands that Brock is new to the game and isnt fully developed yet. in another 3 years i could see him saying this if Brock adapts and learns new skills and especially if he goes undefeated in the the next 3 years which isnt likely but possible. Will Brock be a force to reckon with..Yes will he grow into a great MMA fighter..probably will he ever be considered the best…possibly but first he needs to take the next few years and win his fights and develop his skills a bit more than we can talk further about Brock being the best.

  8. Nate Fury

    November 19, 2008 at 6:54 am

    Also remember Fedor still has to fight Arlovski. he better not overlook the pitbull. Brock still has to fight the winner of the Nog vs. Mir fight, which will surely be Nog. Brock vs. Nog will be a very tough fight for Brock as it is. Nog can take the punishment Brock would inflict and can slap a submission out of no where. If Brock has trouble with submission guys then he is in for stiff test with Nog.

  9. Tim

    November 19, 2008 at 7:00 am

    Brock has come along way since the MIR fights in regards to his BJJ, rumor has it he is a equivelant to a purple belt now and it will be very hard to get a sub on him now he defense it really good and you saw what he did to MIR with 2 arm bar attempts he broke right out of them..Mir could not match Brocks strenght but i think he will be more succeptable to lower body subs as in the knee bar as its really hard to defend those they just come out of nowhere.

  10. fedor24

    November 19, 2008 at 8:36 am

    Tim is right about Brocks bjj defense. It takes many years of training bjj to develop effective mma subs just like it takes many years of wrestling to develop dominating takedowns and bottom control. Brock does not need a large submission arsenal to finish fighters. He does need bjj defense. Heel hooks and leg locks are uncommon at the top levels of todays mma because they are EASY to defend and open the fighter up to counter attack on his own lower body. It was the days of shamrock and gracie that the leg locks were potent weapons against unprepared wrestlers. Although I am not a big fan of Brock he is and will be a force in the heavys. When his standup defense is developed and his bjj defense mastered it will be an even fight with fedor. I can't wait until we can see it. Maybe by the time the ufc and m-1 affliction etc. are done with there pissing contest they will realize the huge amount of money cross promoting could make everybody in the long run.

  11. whodini

    November 19, 2008 at 9:24 am

    yup its one big pissing contest

  12. Tim

    November 19, 2008 at 9:27 am

    I cant wait to see Brock Submit someone that would be awesome. He looks pretty good in that link i sent in the other post.

  13. roy

    November 19, 2008 at 9:32 am

    i don't think he will ever have to submit anyone.

  14. Tim

    November 19, 2008 at 9:41 am

    I couldnt help but posting the below…from Yahoo Sports. I would agree that lesnar would never have to but it would be cool to see it.

    Fedor weighs in on Couture loss

    By Tom Hamlin/MMAWeekly.com

    5 hours, 25 minutes ago

    Buzz Up Print

    WAMMA heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko has a message for Randy Couture following his loss to Brock Lesnar at last Saturday’s UFC 91: keep your chin up.

    MMAWeekly.com spoke with Emelianenko via telephone as he finished watching the first round of the fight on a nearby television. The top ranked heavyweight is currently in Thailand, filming an action movie starring Rutger Hauer and Michael Madsen.

    “It’s a very interesting fight,” Emelianenko said of the bout’s first round through his interpreter. “So far, it looks like Randy – he’s more active in the ring.”

    Asked who the winner of the first round was, he paused.


    “The first round, I thought Randy had the round,” he continued after a beat. “He certainly showed more skills. He was quite interesting in the first round.”

    If Emelianenko knew how the fight ended in advance, he didn’t make it known. But after witnessing Lesnar’s fight-ending hammerfists, he warmed to the former pro wrestler.

    “He’s a very good fighter,” he remarked. “He’s a very strong fighter. I’m very impressed with his speed.”

    Emelianenko said it was too early to say how he would have approached the fight differently. Not what you’d expect, seeing as he knows a thing or two about facing monsters. In his last three years of MMA competition, Emelianenko has faced an equal amount of giants – Tim Sylvia, Hong Man Choi, and Wagner da Conceicao Martins. Lesnar’s speed clearly set him apart from those Emelianenko had laid waste to in the rings outside the UFC.

    “I would certainly take a different tactic to the fight, although I do believe that Randy had a smart game plan, but it appears that he wasn’t able to control the top position, which is what I believe he was trying to do,” Emelianenko offered.

    Jerry Millen, M-1 Global’s American Vice President, issued a statement following the interview that welcomed an Emelianenko vs. Lesnar fight, however grim the chances of its fruition are at the moment.

    “We would welcome a Fedor vs. Lesnar matchup, but to act in a preemptive fashion to address the possibility that UFC officials will try and position Lesnar as the No. 1 heavyweight in the world, much like they have tried to use a marketing ploy to brand Anderson Silva as the number one pound-for-pound fighter in the world,” the statement read. “In a match between Fedor and Lesnar, we do not feel that at this stage Lesnar would be able to make it out of the first round.”

    Emelianenko has certainly resigned himself to the fact that a fight with Couture may never happen. Despite his affinity for the legend, he says it suits him fine if he never gets the chance to participate in the dream match-up.

    “Nothing is ever certain,” Emelianenko said. “This is something that the managers and the organizers need to resolve. But I understand that in all likelihood if Randy stays with the UFC, that the chances of us fighting are much less, and hopefully our fans will be able to overcome that. We both have our history in the sport and if a fight between Randy and I was not to materialize in the future, there will still be other fights. I’m not going to be angry or upset about it in any way.”

    In his usual understated way, Emelianenko stopped short of calling Lesnar out in his critique. That’s for the managers.

    As for a message to his friend and colleague, another pause.

    “I would tell Randy that – I’m sure he already knows – he’s already in the history books, that he’s a legendary fighter, and regardless of the outcome of this fight, things just didn’t go his way,” Emelianenko said.

  15. Tim

    November 19, 2008 at 9:49 am

    What i think we have all overlooked is how much Lesnar's speed distinguishes him away from all the other HGWHTS around his size…If Fedor noticed his speed that says something i presume and basically Fedor has never fought anyone with Brocks overall athletic ability and neither has Lesnar with Fedor i presume as well..fact is Brock needs a few more years of training and developing then i would call this an even match with Fedor until then i would only say he has a chance but a very slim one due to his inexperience and lack of training which at this moment isnt his fault he is just new to the game.

  16. fedor24

    November 19, 2008 at 10:37 am

    You nailed it Tim. If Brock can continue to improve he has the all the tools to be the best hvy in mma. Lets see how it goes. His success in training and the cage must be equalled by keeping the distractions that come with being a big time ufc celebrity managed. I think Fedor's training and lifestyle reflect in his consistent and every improving style. He limits the drama out the ring. If Brock can follow this model look out. Its just a shame so many fighters fall victim to things outside the cage. Hopefully his experience with the wwe will have prepared him for this. I understand he went through a lot personal suffering and came out better for it. The best thing is we have fedor vs aa vs barnett and Nog vs Lesnar will be epic.

  17. Ryan S

    November 19, 2008 at 11:12 am

    Wow, for the first time EVER, I COMPLETELY agree with Tim. And Fedor/Lesnar would be interesting now AND in a few years. Now because I think it would be interesting to see the different skillsets go against one another. I wonder just how long Lesnar would last with him.

  18. Cyryus

    November 19, 2008 at 11:59 am

    Great statements by M-1. Keep throwing rocks. It's not like it's hurting the chances of the fight happening, UFC will never risk having one of their fighters lose to a "weaker corporation".

  19. Rob

    November 19, 2008 at 12:37 pm

    Lesnar improves in 3 years and by that time Fedor is GOD.

  20. derek

    November 19, 2008 at 2:11 pm

    if lesnar was scared or nervous before fighting randy, he would have shat his pants if he ever got a fight with fedor.

  21. chris

    November 19, 2008 at 2:18 pm

    Fedor will end it in the first round or basically whenever he wants to. What does this say about MMA's Heavyweight Division? A WWE star with 3 fights get a ttle shot and is the champ with only four fights. I think that just shows how even mmas top guys arent superb fighters. U will never see a boxing champ with just 4 fights. The UFC HW division is a joke.

  22. Cyryus

    November 19, 2008 at 2:41 pm

    Well the case would be made that Randy Couture was 2-1 when he got his first title shot back in I think 97, but I agree with what Chris says, it just basically goes to show the status of the UFC's heavyweight division. It is to say somewhat weak. Which is exactly how it was in 97 when the UFC was struggling to stay afloat. The UFC put itself in a bad situation when they failed to reacquire Sylvia and Arlovski, as well as pick up Fedor (biggest mistake ever, if they pick him up, there is no MMA competition.) Not that I like Sylvia, but he's still a top heavyweight, along with Arlovski, and then the UFC's only top heavy's signed to fight each other for the "interim" title, then Randy steps up and is all "let me fight someone", the UFC basically had to put together something. Were there more deserving guys than Brock? Oh hell yeah. Cheick Kongo for one (the guy who was supposed to be Brock's next fight) and I'm sure a whole slew of others. But the bottom line is it all comes down to money, and because Lesnar is the muscular freak with no neck that he is, and has a lot of drawing power from the slew of WWE fans world wide, he was a HUGE draw for the UFC to put into a big match up with a returning Randy Couture. It came down to what was financially best for the UFC, and NOT what was in the best interest of MMA and the credibility of the heavyweight division, which obviously is now taking the flack for having an unproven, and newbie as it's heavyweight champion. I don't forsee Lesnar holding the belt longer than his first defense against either Mir, or Nog, and I find the notion that he is "young and will improve" somewhat laughable, because it always seems to compare him to that of Fedor, and how with "all Brock's gifts" and such he will be unstoppable in 2 or 3 years. Let's not forget all of the already established "gifts" that Fedor has, along with the years of experience already, along with they are practically the same age, for those reasons I don't ever see Lesnar being better than Fedor. Unless of course Dana has been right all these years and Fedor is a farce. But we'll never know because Fedor will never get to fight Couture or Lesnar. So all we really have to look forward to is Dana White's inevitable comeback to M-1's statement and how many f-bomb's he can fit into it :-p

  23. Ryan S

    November 19, 2008 at 3:11 pm

    Thats a good point. Everyone seems to be under the impression that as Lesnar gets better, Fedor just plateau's. Everyone has room for improvement.

  24. MW74

    November 19, 2008 at 3:20 pm

    Yeah, but who is gonna be the challenger that keeps fedor's skills sharp? Not AA…It will be an ok fight,but does anyone think his chin will stand against fedors fist/foot? Not I. Meanwhile BL is still green and everyone he fights only provides another opportunity for him to learn. Not that I think he'll mow down everyone they throw in his way…it's just gonna be a lot more fun to watch him and the others in ufc develop…as opposed to AA and Fedor just get fatter off lesser prey(lesser to them)…and don't even mention Sylvia…randy owned him in their fight and fedor made THAT FIGHT look challenging by taking him out in less time than it took to announce timi's name

  25. T.R.

    November 19, 2008 at 3:34 pm

    randy has certainly gotten better with age. It's not out of the question that fedor could just get better and better. How old is he, 32? That's not old in mma anymore.

  26. MW74

    November 19, 2008 at 3:49 pm

    Yeah, but Randy got better by honing his skills against EVERY top challenger or champion he was able to get his hands on…Fedor is just sitting atop his affliction throne all high and lofty as it may be…WHO makes him better if he fights them…AA? Barnett? Honestly?!…and don't tell me it's gonna be one of these globetrotter vs generals type match he does somewhat annually in japan just for the schtick…Really, HOW is he supposed to improve with so little to test himself against there?…Tito gonna run to affliction and challenge?! HAH!!!…Just look at it this way…the ONLY guy Dana wants from there IS Fedor…and I have yet to see him make any dumb business moves…no one has left ufc for greener pastures and prospered…and if Dana succeeds in toppling affliction, Fedor will either have to get in the octagon or get used to every venue he fights in having the words"…indian bingo and gaming casino" in their title

  27. steve

    November 19, 2008 at 6:44 pm

    Sure randy improved in categories that he was weaker in overtime but IMO the real reason for his success has been his gameplans hands down. He keeps u off your game with his gameplan. We have seen it against Tim Sylvia and Gabriel Gonzaga. Who both guys should have been able to beat him but he took them out of there game. About what the UFC wants from Affliction. I can almost guarantee that Dana wants Fedor and Arlovski as he has stated he wants arlovski back. Obviously he wants Fedor and if he was smart he would get Barnett and even maybe some of the guys who r just decent but exciting guys to watch that will throw a monkey wrench into somebodys title plans. Like say Rothwell and Roy Nelson. Both guys r decent and would probally do pretty well in the HW division. The key to building the HW divsion is to keep getting more people in the Division and also maintaining the top fighter that u have in the Division. But they havent done a good job of keeping the top fighters. Arlovski is one of the most popular fighters in MMA and he can headline a main event easy as long as the opponent is good. And he is probally the most liked HW in the game today. When I saw him fight at Nationwide the whole crowd was up cheering for him and he was fighting on the undercard against Jake Obrien. Point being the HW divsion is weak b/c the UFC hasnt done a good enough job recruiting people and I think its in part b/c of the low pay u get from fighting as a starting unknown fighter. People cant trainlike they need to and as far as HW's thaere arent all that many great big men that fight. They play basketball and other sports making millions. It is just sad to see that the sport has really just let a guy who with only 3 fights under his blet get a title shot and win. Not only that but the Champ was a 45yr old man. It all just sounds bad for the HW division. No wonder Fedor destroys everyone. He is the only one at the lvl of fighters like GSP for 170, BJ 155, Anderson 185. 205 is everyone knows a wreck as far as who is the top fighter.

  28. Ryan S

    November 19, 2008 at 10:21 pm

    You can always learn something new from everyone.

  29. Jake

    November 19, 2008 at 11:12 pm

    I am not a Lesner fan at all. I think he is a pompous ass with the worst tattoo ever.

    But what has he done wrong?

    Everybody bitches about how little the UFC pays so why wouldn't he take this fight?

    Didn't GSP fight for the belt in his 3rd UFC fight?

    Didn't Anderson Silva fight for the belt in his 2nd UFC fight?

    Didn't Randy couture win the Belt in his 4th fight?

    Didn't Matt Hughes win the belt in his 4th UFC fight?

    Why is Brock being held to a different standard? This is something that the UFC does. It isn't new , it has happened a lot in recent history.

    If Brock wins his next 10 fights does it really matter how inexperienced he was when he won it?

  30. Tim

    November 20, 2008 at 2:02 am

    Fedor 24 you nailed it as well…good points i think brocks time in WWE dealing with 300 plus days of traveling and drama etc.. will actually help him in his MMA career meaning he has already been through everything he possibly could from contract disputes to personal reasons to stress of traveling to BS crap going on and definetly the MEDIA Attention both good and bad.

  31. Tim

    November 20, 2008 at 2:28 am

    I agree with Jake but i love the guy win or lose i think he is great for the sport and the ONLY reason people are hating on him is because he was in the WWE and they dont like the fact that he has great athletic ability came in here and dominated with only 2 true years of training which one of them was spent fighting and learning at the same time and then becomes UFC champ….The bottom line is the UFC HWGHT div isnt weak they have a list of quality opponents who are yes big names and no names but that doesnt take away the fact that their still competition and good fighters their just new and developing just like Lesnar. Affliction has what 4 big names in HWGT and then who? No names so how can you say the UFC HWGHT div is weak? Its actually stacked with loads of potentially great fighters. Get over the fact that Brock was in the WWE he is now in MMA and shit the guy works hard and has the overall skills to become a legend in this sport just like Randy,Fedor, Shamrock, Coleman, Liddel,Tito etc…All he needs is time to develope…Did FEdor become this Great MMA fighter overnight fUCK NO so stop the hate and just relate…LOL seriously relate to the fact that Lesnar is new so he is learning but he is learning at tremendous speed and it doesnt matter how good Fedor or anyone gets EVERYONE CAN BE BEATEN…EVERYONE..in 3 years brock will be just that much better and so will FEDOR but there is a point where like the the Couture fight that Strenght, Speed Athletic ability along with wrestling and MMA skills cannot be matched…and thats where Lesnar can beat Fedor with his Strenght,Speed, wrestling and his devolping MMA skills but right now i would give him a chance against him but in 2-3 years it would be more of an even match in my eyes. Bottom line both are great fighters one has proven himself and one is just starting too but they all had to start from the bottom or from square 1…the likelhood of a fedor vs lesnar match is far away especially right but did you ever think that M-1 is putting this out NOW for the fact they know that in 2-3 years Brock will much more of a threat to any fighter.

  32. roy

    November 20, 2008 at 5:14 am

    your on a roll steve great post.

  33. dayday

    November 20, 2008 at 11:12 am

    Jake why do u bring up when guys have gotten title shots? Do u think that helps ur agruement? The sport has evovles from the ealry days or alteast it should have. Couture being given a title shot in the beginning of the sport with only 3 fights was because the sport wasn't even close to being a big as it is now. The u say GSP. Well GSP was 5-0 before he got his first fight in the UFC and he WON both of his fights in the octagon to earn a title shot over a couple good fighters. You think if he would have lost his first or 2nd fight in the UFC he would have got a title shot in his thrid fight? NO. Then u say Anderson Silva. Anderson was a Pride Vet and with a record of 19-4 coming into the octagon lol not 1-0 like Lesnar so dont compare there either. The u say Matt Hughes. Wow back i the day when hughes fought a lot mma fighters didnt really just figh for 1 promotion. They fought anywhere they could and Hughes may not of had many fights in the UFC but he had a record of 29-3. Hmmmmmm….. that makes more since for a title fight doesnt? 29-3 sounds pretty damn good to me. Well it sounds a hell of a lot better than 2-1 lol. Nice try Jake. LOL and the funny and pathetic thing about your coment is that Tim agreed.

  34. Ryan S

    November 21, 2008 at 11:34 am

    I don't want to admit it, but dayday has a really good point. Those guys proved themselves, just not in UFC. When I first started reading his post, I thought, oh god you jack-ass, now I think I am a jack-ass. Having three professional fights under your belt isn't necessarily a logical point in your career to fight for the title in the biggest organization in the world. Whereas GSP, Hughes, Silva, they all had bigger records to pad the justification. Lesnar went into that fight with a 33% loss rate. That doesn't really mean anything I guess.

  35. Dylan9

    January 4, 2009 at 1:54 pm

    The way I see it is this, Fedor is as of right now the best HW in the world…yet Lesnar is an absolute freak of nature. Dana would not sign a contract with Affliction until Lesnar has walked through the HW division, at the point the "super fight" would take place. That will be in a few years time and at that point Fedor would not last, now I am a die hard Fedor fan and have watched him since he first won his belt against Nog, he is an astounding fighter and has it all…yet Lesnar is still growing as a fighter and his sheer size and athletic ability is an advantage already. Lesnar first round KO. Fedor will always be my favorite fighter but a new era of MMA is emerging and its athletes like GSP and Lesnar that are guna rule that world. You can train anyone to be a great fighter even if they aren't an athlete….you can NOT teach a person to be a great athlete and thats what MMA is becoming.

  36. Someone rightly

    January 21, 2009 at 12:47 am

    Yes, Fedor is the best heavyweight in the world. But for all those who dislike Brock and they might have their reasons, they should know that Brock isn't your average MMA fighter. Underestimate him you may, but I dont know too many guys who without submission skills, without striking or boxing skills would have made it as far as he has. Do you? Let's not forget that when he faced Mir he almost knocked his lights out in his first UFC bout losing out in the end to what was a rookie mistake. Then, not too many guys would look good in defeat against Mir and then go on to beat Herring and Couture in only their 2nd and 3rd fights. Seriously.. for all those who say that Randy is an old man and had one year off plus a weight disadvantage should ask themselves whether other fighters would've been able to do any better against him. Brock Lesnar is a superb athlete with unparalleled conditioning and needless to say a genetic freak. Lastly, You can coach technique but you can't coach strength and that's why the arguments above that Lesnar in 2-3 years will be a much more complete fighter are very true.

    Also it makes NO sense for UFC or Dana to promote the Lesnar-Fedor card AT ALL. I will go on and say that even if M1 gives ALL the revenues to UFC there is not much logic to go for the fight. Brock is selling out events in a gargantuan way and has raised the PPV buy-rate of UFC as well as its merchandise..something acknowledged by Yahoo Sports too. So the guy is a veritable cash cow…. And if he loses to Fedor then that image and the revenue coming from it is really compromised. So essentially the fight doesnt make sense from a long term perspective. Fedor beating Lesnar would be an embarassment to UFC and would surely make a lot of viewers jump to M1 and Affliction. So not only do your No.1 guy lose credibility but the competition gets a serious leg up. UNLESS they can secure Fedor immediately after the fight, Dana cannot allow this fight to take place. Never.

  37. Tim

    January 21, 2009 at 2:15 am

    Dylan9 said it best "You can train anyone to be a great fighter even if they aren’t an athlete….you can NOT teach a person to be a great athlete and thats what MMA is becoming." Think what you may of Lesnar but with his athletic abilities the sky is the limit for him.

    DayDay…whats wrong with me agreeing with a comment that Brock got his title fight in his 4th fight ever…i understand that others may have had fights before and have proved themselves in that aspect but so has lesnar from a none fighting standpoint..you see Lesanr already had star characteristics and a damn good college career in wrestling and a high stint in the WWE which i also think he got his title shot early but you cant blame him for it…its not like he asked for it…Dana asked him and it was strictly a business decision….i hate to say this but if your not in it from a business standpoint than a promotion will never make it. End of story though Lesnar is the champ and although he is green he will ultimelty get better and that is scarry for even Fedor.

  38. Cobra Clutch

    February 26, 2009 at 6:56 pm


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