M-1 Mix Fight Press Conference (Updated)

M-1 Mix Fight

M-1 Mix Fight

M-1 Mix Fight promotion is having a press conference today in New York, we will have the latest news coming out of the press conference starting at 5:30 EST. M-1 is the company that signed Fedor Emilianenko, details of his contract are expected to be clarified today.

Key News

  • Monte Cox, a 13-year veteran of the mixed martial arts industry named CEO of the New York based company M-1 Global, LLC. Cox is the Agent to 60 big name fighters notably Matt Hughes, Tim Sylvia, Rich Franklin, Jens, Pulver, Robbie Lawler, Jey Heiron, Ben Rothwell.
  • M-1 was bought by Sibling Sports LLC, a subsidiary of Sibling Entertainment Group Holdings, Inc.
  • M-1 will follow PRIDE FC Rules, No elbows.
  • PRIDE FC Heavyweight Champion Fedor Emelianenko has signed a six fight two year deal with M-1.
  • Emilianenko, UFC turned down offer to have Fedor face then current UFC Champion Tim Sylvia.
  • Emilianenko’s contract will allow him to fight in the UFC if a deal can be hammered out. M-1 representatives state the winner of the bout could win 1 Million dollar payday.
  • Fedor’s brother Alexander was offered a UFC contract, but the offer was way to low.
  • M-1 First event could be as early as February
  • More M-1 fighters will be announced in the next 10 days.

The video of the Press Conference can be seen here.