Mark Cuban, A Serious MMA Player?

mark cuban

mark cuban

When I first read about Mark Cuban the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and HDNet having talks with Fedor Emelianenkos management team, I sad to myself, “great another billionaire wanting to trough their money away, just to be part of MMA”. Now that I have read the press release from White Chocolate Management, I see that maybe Cuban is serious about MMA.

First off he is actively seeking Fedor. Second he hired MMA veteran Guy Mezger to hire fighters and set the fight cards. Third Mark Cuban is a crazy SOB, he sold for a bizzillion dollars, then went and bought the Dallas Mavericks because he is a huge basketball fan. Anyone who follows basketball, knows Cuban is court side at most of the games, sweating, yelling at refs and sometimes gets kicked out of the arena for his crazy antics. He is passionate about sports and he knows how to make things happen.

“He is very serious about Fedor and is entering the MMA business with very serious partners. Mr. Cuban is widely known to treat his athletes with great respect and care, and there were discussions regarding health insurance and many other areas for supporting MMA athletes and their families.”

“We have already started,” Cuban said. “Our first hire was Guy Mezger, who will be responsible for managing fight cards, attracting and signing fighters.”

“How much (money is invested) will depend on what it takes to be successful,”