Mark Munoz and Chris Weidman: Who Will be Taken Down?

Mark Munoz and Chris Weidman: Who Will be Taken Down?

Mark Munoz and Chris Weidman: Who Will be Taken Down?Be ready for another UFC fight this July 11, Wednesday, as Mark Munoz proves his worth to Chris Weidman’s jiu-jitsu. This will be a very difficult fight for Munoz, as he will be fighting the toughest in middleweight division who was undefeated in 8 times. Fans know how Weidman fights with his jiu-jitsu that makes him the biggest threat in UFC. He always improves his skills and is treated the most dangerous fighter anyone could meet in this division. His combinations of standup and grappling are savvy that nobody could tell the transitions.

Weidman’s Clever Combinations

What makes it difficult for Weidman’s opponents is his ability to change combinations quickly. This ability of quickly striking the opponent keeps them off balance. Besides his phenomenal attacks, he has good work ethic and high endurance that he developed while he was training and fighting at Hofstra University’s All-American Wrestler. The match with Demian Maia says it all for Weidman because he showed his determination with side-by-side punches leaving Maia winded and exhausted. What’s really incredible with Weidman is his quick ability to lose 14.5 kgs in just 10 days. For normal, ordinary people, losing that much would be difficult but Weidman did and fought the match in just 15 minutes.

What can Munoz Expect from Weidman?

Now, on his next fight, Munoz will be the one to face the Weidman’s determination inside the cage. In his last two fights, Weidman easily brought each of his opponent to succumb to his feet. Munoz can be one of the scariest fighters inside the cage; however, standing up against Weidman would be another thing. Munoz may not be able to do the same thing to Weidman as he did with Chris Leben and Kendall Grove. Analysts believe that Weidman could really takedown Munoz with his incredible fighting skills.