Matt Hughes Looks To Dana White For Retirement Answer

penn hughes

Former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes is tired of fiddling around hunting, shooting guns and riding motorcycles with pals. Hughes wants back in the cage:

“I want to fight again, my wife tells me I’m going to retire, so Dana is the deciding vote. We will talk to him and see what happens. I’d like to talk to him tonight, but I have not seen him yet. I don’t know yet to be honest. I think Dana can be the final decision-maker. My wife is a great lady, but she is not going to tell me when Matt Hughes retires. I’m just hoping I can fight next, we will see what happens. I am not scouting any one out, I’m just hoping the opportunity is till there for me. As soon as this old body can get back into shape I’d love to jump back in there, so, that’s another that he’ll (White) answer for me.” [Fuel]

Two things stand in his way, first his wife and after two first round beating he took inside the Octagon aginst BJ Penn and Josh Koscheck, he will certainly have to convince the UFC he still has some fight left.