Matt Hughes: Not Going Out A Loser

In a recent article on, Former UFC welterweight champion weighs in on his recent loss to Georges St. Pierre at UFC 79 and his bestselling book. Hughes states that he wants Serra after he loses to Georges St. Pierre.

On his Bestselling Book:

“I’m an athlete, not a writer,……..It’s nice to be able to say that (getting on the bestseller list), but my co-author, he totally flipped out about it — he said ‘this is like you winning the world title, for me to get on the bestseller list.’ He knows a lot of writers, and he doesn’t know anyone who’s been on the bestseller list. I am just amazed that we hit it, and maybe we can go from 21 to 19 or 18 next week.”

On his Comeback:

“I feel healthier now than I ever have, I’m really happy with my camp and who I’ve got, and I’ve got to put all the blame on me for that loss,” said Hughes of the St-Pierre fight. “I just didn’t go out there and do the things we worked on. I was hesitant and just wasn’t pulling the trigger like I should have. My camp got me in shape, I was ready to go, and I was just a little bit hesitant, so that’s on me, not on anybody else. So as healthy as I am and as much as I want to compete, I’m not going anywhere. First off, I would never retire off of a loss like that — never. Number two, I just feel super healthy…….I told (UFC President) Dana (White) that I might take a little time off to see my family and because I’m starting this new gym, the H.I.T. Squad, and I’m getting my clothing line out there,……..But I want to see Georges and Matt fight, and I told Dana that I’d probably like to fight Matt Serra after that fight. If Matt loses, I’ll be looking to fight him.”