Mauricio Shogun Rua Eyes Rematch With Forrest Griffin

mauricio shogun rua

mauricio shogun rua

Fresh off a stunning first round knockout of Chuck Liddell at UFC 97, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua talks about wanting a rematch with Forrest Griffin to the Brazilian website Tatame.

“Since the start I was very motivated, and it was important. I’ve trained hard, very focused, more prepared physically and mentally, so I got there ready to show my work and everything I’ve trained … Actually, I haven’t had fight well in the UFC, so I knew I needed to show my potential to the American fans, and it all depended on me. I wasn’t easy, but I could show them… I’ll train even more to keep this focus”.

“Nobody spoke yet (about my next fight), but my goal is to win the next one. I’m already focused for the next fight. I’ll fight anyone, but a rematch (with Forrest Griffin) would be welcome. He’s a good fighter and it’d be a good fight. I’ll fight anyone, but it’d be cool to fight him again, I’d love it”.

“The truth is that Anderson did the right thing, he fought well and didn’t get too much exposed. If he goes inside from the beginning, Thales would have more chances, and Thales waited for Anderson. Anderson managed his goal, the victory” [Tatame]

Shogun was choked out by Forrest Griffin in the last 15 seconds of there fight at UFC 76 “Knockout”. The submission came at the end of a terrible performance for Rua in his UFC debut.