Mayhem Erupts In The Cage To Cap Off Strikeforce “Nashville” On CBS

Here’s what people on twitter are saying:

  • Dana White – “:)”
  • Ariel Helwani – I hope that did not just signal the end of MMA on CBS
  • Gus Johnson on CBS – Gentleman, you’re on national television!
  • WatchKalibRun – Who knew that EliteXC was going to hold more shows on CBS than Strikeforce?
  • Mayhem – Whoops
  • MMAJunkie – Here at press conference. It’s like the school lunchroom after a playground scrap. Coker still gatherin reports to find out what happened.
  • Miguel Torres – Oh, the Diaz bros are gangster as shit. Pride rules live. Mayhem should be the victim on “Bully Beatdown” show
  • Kit Cope – We all love @mayhemmiller shenanigans, but that’s just the wrong crew to mess about with! I think he just got jumped in.