Maynard Beats Guida in Farcical Friday Night Clash

maynard v guida

What was built as one of the biggest fights of the year turned into somewhat of a farce last night with Clay Guida dancing round the ring doing everything but attack? His style of fighting has drawn criticism from all quarters with thousands eager Brazilian fans walking away from the fight disappointed. This was not what they had come to see.

While the decision was pending Guida’s opponent Gray Maynard hit himself a couple of times on the cheek to stir up the crowd. Sadly he almost placed more hits on himself in those two minutes then his opponent did for the entire night. At one point the referee even cautioned Guida because his pace was to slow. The crowd was disgruntled throughout the match but by the fifth round their boo’s had become deafening.

UFC President Dana White was fairly blunt in his assessment of how the night. “That fight sucked,” he said when asked and then refused to elaborate further. He was however visibly frustrated. After the fight Guida tried to justify his fighting style saying that his game plan was to be unpredictable and that he wanted to avoid Gray Manard punches because he hits like a truck.

Manard did go on to win the fight proving that their is some justice in the world however he didn’t win by much. It was a split descsion with two of the scorecards reading 48-47 in Maynard’s favour and one 47-48 in Guida’s favour. Maynard likely won the fight in the fifth round when he finally managed to lend some right hooks on Guida and actually turn the fight into, well, an actual fight. Up until that point one would have been forgiven for thinking that they were attending dance recital.