McMann Wants to Become a True Mixed Martial Artist

Sara McMann

Sara McMann won over a unanimous decision over Shayna Baszler at the latest Invicta FC 2. It was thought to be the toughest test of her fighting career as she beats the talented fighter in one of the most impressive fights ever to be seen in Invicta.

She was placed on the hot seat as she was interviewed at the Sherdog Radio Network’s “Cheap Seats” Show. Sara McMann has an Olympic silver medal on her mantle; she was game in discussing her score card, about future opponents and more. Here are excerpts from her interview:

She was asked about the debate after the judges gave their decision: “I think that really what the problem is is anytime you have a close fight, there’s no point system. I’ve won plenty of [wrestling] matches by one or two points. And it was a close match, but I still won it. With MMA, since there is no point system, they don’t put up who won each round so each fighter’s aware of it.” She mentions that this system always leads to a lot of opinion and questions after each fight. “Basically for the way the decision went, I think that both people fighting their hearts out, they’re always going to feel like they won. Because in a way when you put everything on the line and you give the best that you have, you have won in a sense.”

She mentions that even she was confused about her 30-27 since she won two of the rounds. She recalled her moves during the rounds and even admitted that she thinks that although she made great attempts to take down her opponent she didn’t think that she won the round.

About her MMA career: “I have my peace of mind in my wrestling career. I’m doing this because I enjoy doing it. It’s not about skyrocketing to the top and it’s not about making a bunch of money or people knowing my name. This is about the journey for me.”

On her future opponents in MMA, she said that she has her eyes on whoever is at the top. Whoever the number one girl at 135 and anyone that is ranked above her she considers her competition. “I could make a big deal and sign with Strikeforce and be doing it really soon.” She explains that there is actually no rush and that she just wants to get better for now.