Michael Bisping Spits at Jorge Rivera’s Corner, Denies It

Michal Bisping post-fight questioning,

“It just built up for so long. While they were making all these videos and bad-mouthing me, I was just focused on training and beating this guy. You know, I take my job very very seriously and I try to be a good ambassador for the sport and a good role model for my children. So I’m a little bit disappointed in myself for the antics post-fight a little bit. But, you know, the guy, his cornermen was still screaming abuse at me, calling me a motherf*cker, an a**hole, a piece of sh*t, after the fight and at my cornermen, he was still screaming obscenities there and then. And Jorge’s saying it’s just promotion, I’m like ‘no, it wasn’t promotion. Don’t mock me on the Internet, you know. My son seen these, his friends at school, things like that, mocking me like that, you know.’ That’s not business to me, that’s personal. … No (I didn’t deliberately spit at Jorge Rivera’s corner), I was spitting on the floor to him to let him know what I thought of him. I apologize for that, I’d never want to act like that, and I apologize for losing my cool.”

The camera don’t lie…

UFC President Dana White announced that disciplinary action will be taken against Michael Bisping for the actions at UFC 127.