Michael Bisping Tired Of Criticism From American Fans


Michael Bisping,

“I always hear the same comments all the time, ‘He is an arrogant so and so’, the truth is I’m not, I think I’m very humble and I’ve got a long way to go … I train very hard, I do my best and I’m trying to support my family.”

“They’re always going on about how bad I was on the Ultimate Fighter, I for the life of me can’t see what I did wrong, I was just trying to help my team win … Yes there was a bit of fun and banter back and forth, but it was just a pisstake. Bloody hell, get over it.”

“Also I think it was the fact I was the Team UK coach and they thought I was anti-US, which wasn’t the case at all but maybe that was the way it was portrayed and perceived, so now they like to criticise me, whatever, I know in England I’ve got a fan base and in Canada and hopefully here in Canada …. If that’s how they’re going to be then so be it, tough luck.” [smh.com.au]

Bisping takes on Wanderlei Silva this Saturday at UFC 110 in Australia.