Miesha Tate Wants Rematch With Ronda Rousey, Thinks She Was Winning Before Submission

ronda meisha

Miesha Tate explained on the MMA Happy Hour that her fight with Ronda Rousey was a bit closer then what fans experienced and wants a rematch as soon as her arm heals.

“I, personally, would love the opportunity to have a rematch. I think at a high level, it takes one mistake. Anyone can make a mistake at any moment and someone’s able to capitalize on that. I don’t feel that Ronda proved anything other than what she’s already (proved) — that she has one thing that she’s great at. Really phenomenal at. But everything else, I could beat her. Give me another shot. I think it was competitive. I think for the most part I was probably winning. And I think at a competitive high level, one day one person could beat the one person, and the other day the other person would beat the other person.”

Now I’m not sure what tape Miesha was watching, because it looked to me like Ronda was was avoiding Miesha’s over eager punches and tossing her around like a rag doll before almost taking her arm off with that armbar submission.