MMA Quick Hits: UFC 91 Fight Night

chuck liddell dancers

Just as the mainstream media hype machine gets rolling on UFC 91, some overlooked MMA news has hit the blogs.

  • Chuck Liddell left USO tour due to illness or was he KICKED out?
  • Scott Smith will take on Terry Martin at Strikeforce “Destruction” on Nov. 21
  • Randy Couture and Brock Lesnar fight salaries have been released early by the CSAC.
  • Showtime gives in, cancels ProElite asset sale.
  • Kala Kolohe Hose vs. Kalib Starnes fight cancelled; Five minute rounds to much for Hose?

    “On November 12, 2009, just three training days before the scheduled contest, I discovered that the promoter had altered my contract after I had signed and returned it. Upon review, it was apparent that he had changed the notation of “three three-minute rounds” to “three five-minute rounds.” I was very upset knowing that the promoter made this change without appropriately informing me. This discovery halted the momentum of my training camp.”