Nate Daiz: I Won, Don’t Listen To Joe Rogan

nate diaz

UFC lightweight Nate Diaz:

“If anybody sees Gray Maynard, tell him to show his face today and see how it looks … I got more landed strikes in that fight, and I threw more [strikes].”

“He (Rogan) must’ve been judging it on the person who he liked better, because obviously, as far as the commentary was concerned, everybody liked Gray … If the fans want to go back and judge the fight for themselves, put the TV on mute, if you can.” [BR]

Diaz a always controversial and outspoken fighter, has a different view in the way his fight with Gray Maynard went on Monday night. He calls for fans to go back and watch it without Joe Rogans bias commentary.

Diaz posted a video on Youtube with the comments above, but later took it down.