Nate Marquardt: Sees Himself Better Off in Middleweight Division

Nate Marquardt: Sees Himself Better Off in Middleweight Division

Nate Marquardt: Sees Himself Better Off in Middleweight DivisionIf there’s any fighter known for being a perfectionist, it’s Nate Marquardt. Even though the MMA fans did appreciate his talent and skills versus Tyron Woodley last July 14, Marquardt still sees the need for improvement on his fighting skills. “Some of my stuff looked sloppy, you know, so there’s always room for improvement,” Marquardt declared during his interview.  In all his achievements, Marquardt admits he needs to practice more. Last year was bit different for him when he got fired by the UFC after being suspended by the Pennsylvania Athletic Commission. Marquardt then joined British Association of Mixed Martial Arts (BAMMA) and left before engaging on his first match. Hence, winning against Woodley was just in time to make for his streak in MMA.

Marquardt vs. Woodley

During the early seconds of the fight, Woodley tested Marquardt’s fighting skills by hitting him with a right hand. Marquardt knew that this was a big challenge for him since he hit the ground because of the attack. From that standpoint, Marquardt knew that the odds were on Woodley. Marquardt decided to let Woodley do his thing until he becomes wasted. From there, the fight was controlled by Marquardt until Woodley held on the fourth round. The fight ended with Marquardt finishing it with 2-elbow strike. As Marquardt won the fight against Woodley, this added a good debut on his career (32-10-2).

Marquardt’s High Praises for Woodley

Marquardt seemed to be very impressed of Woodley’s fighting skills. Marquardt knows how strong Woodley is. Resilience and experience will make Woodley the best fighter because he really showed Marquardt the meaning of tough. On the issue of testosterone replacement therapy, Marquardt declared that the matter is already finished and he had already dealt with it. The questions were already answered and Marquardt proved himself ending the whole issue on TRT.