Nate Marquardt’s Quits TRT but Still Leaves Tyron Woodley Unconvinced

Nate Marquardt’s Quits TRT but Still Leaves Tyron Woodley Unconvinced

Nate Marquardt’s Quits TRT but Still Leaves Tyron Woodley UnconvincedNate Marquardt already made statements on testosterone-replacement therapy. Marquardt has stated that the use of TRT was only for his medical condition and following his release from UFC, he also got off from TRT. Nonetheless, all these claims were still not convincing for Tyron Woodley. “It’s not something you hop on and hop off,” claimed Woodley. T-Wood explains from what he knows about TRT is that the body can’t get hold of it that the body really depends on TRT. Woodley believes that it is not easy to get off of TRT especially if you used the same therapy to accomplish your goals as a fighter.

Woodley vs. Marquardt

Even though the case of TRT is now left in the past, Woodley does not mind anymore since it is not the first time he fought a fighter with dependence on performance enhancing drugs. Although Woodley fought these fighters, he still came out undefeated. Woodley never fought inside the cage for the past 7 months. His last fury was experienced by Jordan Mein that earned his right to step up for the welterweight title on Strikeforce. On the other hand, Marquardt has been kept out of the cage because of increased testosterone levels especially during his match with Rick Story. This event also resulted to his release from the institution. In response to this downfall, Marquardt dealt with BAMMA, a UK-based promoter but ended up with nothing.

Aftermath: Woodley vs. Marquardt

Both have returned to their respective MMA fight positions last July 14. The fight was highly anticipated by many fans. The faceoff was a throwaway of combinations from Marquardt who seem to want the title that bad and claim his reputation. Marquardt beat Woodley in two rounds even though the latter was almost able to defeat Marquardt twice to the ground. The fight concluded with Marquardt hitting Woodley to floor with elbows and two uppercuts thereby Marquardt receiving the title Strikeforce welterweight belt.