Naughty, Naughty Cheick Kongo Teaches Paul Kelly A Lesson

UFC heavyweight prospect and known prankster Cheick Kongo pays back Paul Kelly by almost tearing him in half with a leg kick, then brags about it.

“It was a joke, because he pulled a bad joke on me first,” explains Kongo of the leg kick heard ‘round the MMA world. “We were eating at a restaurant before my fight at UFC 92 in Las Vegas at Christmas and he came behind me and pours water all over me, then he grabbed the salt and poured all the salt on my head and clothes while I was wet. He did this in front of 100 people in a nice restaurant in Las Vegas. He is naughty so I had to get him back, to teach him a lesson like a naughty boy needs. When he was walking in the mall I gave him a good dead-leg to walk on. It was a nice kick, very funny. I am happy it is on YouTube for people to laugh at. Of course, Paul now says he is getting me back. He has tried to kick me in the leg many times but I don’t really feel it and it upsets him. He says he’s bringing a baseball bat to Germany to hit me in the leg after our fights. We will see.”

Watch Kongo as he tries to kick Cain Velasquez next Saturday at UFC 99 in German.

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