News: Kimbo Slice vs. Ken Shamrock at EliteXC On CBS 3

ken shamrock and ryan shamrock elitexc

According to Sherdog, Kimbo Slice (3-0) will take on legendary UFC fighter Ken Shamrock (26-13-2) at the next EliteXC-CBS event slated for October 4 from the Bank America Arena in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

An official press release is expected later today to announce the event.

It was well rumored that Slice would either take on Ken Shamrock or Brett Rogers and it was pretty clear that EliteXC wasn’t going to risk the fight with Rogers.

44 year old Shamrock hasn’t won a fight since 2004, with his last loss coming by way of KO by Robert “Buzz” Berry at Cage Rage 25.

For the latest on EliteXC on CBS III, check out our MMA rumors section.


  1. just another MMA dud

    August 25, 2008 at 6:44 am

    Shouldn't Ken be fighting for his AARP benifits? I think the last fight he won was the Revolutionary War. And Kimbo, what are you thinking? Who are you going to fight next? Mr. Miyagi?

  2. Thomas

    August 25, 2008 at 7:07 am

    Shamrock has osteoporosis now which is why his arm was broke in the Le fight.

  3. Rayburn

    August 25, 2008 at 7:15 am

    Shamrocks hasn't won a decent fight in over a decade!

    2004->Kimo Leopoldo(10-7-1)

    2002->Sam Adkins(7-20-2)

    2000->Alexander Otsuka(4-13)

    1996->Brian Johnston(5-5)

    1996->Kimo Leopoldo(10-7-1)

    1996->Yoshiki Takahashi(24-28-3)

    1995->Katsuomi Inagaki(18-22-3)

    1995->Larry Papadopoulos(4-5-3)

    1995->Dan Severn (86-15-7) UFC 6

  4. Andre

    August 25, 2008 at 7:26 am

    This is a bad match up for a number of reason , first off Shamrock is passed his prime doesnt have the conditioning to last one round, he looked awful in his last fight against Robert Buzz Berry and should call it quits before he tarnishes his career. should be an easy win for Kimbo

  5. TIM

    August 25, 2008 at 7:31 am

    Seriously when is the elite XC going to realize that instead of working to build Kimbo they are degrading him even further than his BUM image is by giving him washed up no name fighters. With all due respect at one time Ken was great but he is 44years old and past his prime…sure he looks in great shape as the man has always stayed in awesome shape but fight wise i just dont think he has it anymore..this is a bad match up for Kimbo because win or lose he is going to face more adversity and not earn a sinle ounce of respect, he should of fought Rogers someone who is credible. Elite XC are running their selves into the ground…they need to take the gamble and give him top notch opponents because win or lose at least he will earn the respect of MMA watchers and fighters but he will always still be a BUM from the Slums and i for one will never respect him as a fighter… he really needs to earn RESPECT and he will get by fighting these types of fights and lets say this what if and a big what if Ken beats him…then what for Elite XC his credibility and main event status will go down and Elite XC will go under…not that their far from it now. Elite XC are freaking retards……literally…all their doing it is for the ratings and hoping that people will tune in to watch it…which will probably happen but really they are creating nothing to back them up by giving such a crappy show and putting the Bimbo as the Main event…

  6. upnudeep

    August 25, 2008 at 7:53 am

    good match up. two different styles. two big names. will it be a knock out or submission?

  7. dude

    August 25, 2008 at 8:36 am

    this is not a good matchup. i agree with everything tim says, elitexc is a disgrace to mma. kimbo will probably win with a knockout but if he does lose he's done. and ken is so fried from all the drugs he's done he's just lookin to get paid, win or lose. i hope kimbo loses though, im sick of his hype and its so much worse living in miami. then all they have left is nick diaz, who doesnt seem to be getting a title shot. though i heard tito is still lookin for work, aside from his mma ring girls porn on pay per view

  8. kom34

    August 25, 2008 at 8:48 am

    elite is making a wwe show out of mma. they put ken on there for ratings and hope he can get some of the old mma and wrestling fans to tune in. but i don't see this one leaving the first. too bad rogers got passed because he doesnt have a bankable name like kimbo.

  9. Kash

    August 25, 2008 at 9:27 am

    This has to be the last of mothers milk for Kimbo. He has to fight a better fighter next time. I really hope Ken looks better than he has in his last few fights. I'd hate to see a legends name get beat to the ground because he didn't know when to retire.

  10. Chris

    August 25, 2008 at 10:18 am

    I agree with Tim, but at least Ken will be done for GOOD and everyone will see that he should of stayed retired He better not get any big $$$$$!!!!

  11. Ryan S

    August 25, 2008 at 10:32 am

    I dont know guys. He def. is past his prime, but I think he'll be smart enough to take it straight to the ground and take advantage from there. If you recall back to the last 2 tito fights, he did a great job of blocking elbows with his head and face. I don't know, I think Ken might know enough about submissions to catch Kimbo. It might not need to leave the first round. I don't know anything about Robert Berry, is he good on the ground?

  12. Businessman

    August 25, 2008 at 11:47 am

    Ryan, the problem is that all he has tried to do, since probaly his last win (maybe a correlation), is he tries to fight stand-up. He was one of the submission fighters, going back to his Pancrease days and it seems like he forgot everything he knew on the ground. I don't know who I want to lose this match more, the old man so that he can hopefully retire or Kimbo so that he can be exposed. I don't see this lasting more than a round because Ken has no defense when he stands and Kimbo is gonna break his face…but if for some bizarre reason Ken pulls a submission out of his ass, how bad is Elite going to look? I am sure they will paint the picture to non-MMA fans that they "brought in a big name to fight Kimbo so that nobody can say they give him no-names"… but true fans know they are full of shit giving Kimbo this over the hill punching bag. Most dangerous man in the world…even if he were the only person alive, I don't think he would have that title!

  13. tom

    August 25, 2008 at 12:16 pm

    bimbo by7 knock out..

    should be a good fight4

  14. steve

    August 25, 2008 at 3:58 pm

    This is very dissapointing. I cant believe anyone would even ask ken to fight for them again. I stick up for Kimbo a lot but as far as EliteXc goes. They are only interested in putting up bs main events and building up pathetic hype on fights that are rather lame and mismatched. I really have no interest in seeing this fight besides the fact that Ken is goingto talk smack and get KO'd again. I havent seen a fighter look as bad as he did against Robert Berry since I watched a King of the cage event lol. He is a joke. Whatever talent he had is long gone and his chin is as weak as anyones. Berry didnt even really hit him in there fight and he ko'd ken. I really think Ken is just fighting to cash a couple checks and has no will to win. He has no heart. Kimbo by KO and I hope that they give Kimbo a test next fight like maybe Brett Rogers or even a rematch with Gannon just to get even with him. Just not another complete gimme fight.

  15. Onri

    August 25, 2008 at 8:40 pm

    I would have rather watched Gannon than Ken. Business is right and Ken used to be a great ground fighter. Now he wraps his ankles like he is a kickboxer. Then he either gets KTFO or taken down and pounded.

  16. richaaron

    August 25, 2008 at 10:14 pm

    I really think that Ken will pull this one off…

  17. tom

    August 25, 2008 at 11:11 pm

    i agree with TIM

  18. ELBOWZ

    August 26, 2008 at 1:06 am

    Go Shamrock…… then retire, please!!!!

  19. STEVEO

    August 26, 2008 at 1:18 am

    i agree with bowz, rooting for ken but really hope ken goes away win or lose

  20. TIM

    August 26, 2008 at 2:26 am

    Ken is just putting his name to shame now it would be different story if he were winning these fights but he is losing and losing bad. I hope he wins i really do.

  21. TIM

    August 26, 2008 at 2:43 am

  22. dane drebin

    August 26, 2008 at 3:19 am

    how sick would it be if ken won by heel hook and then retred i would be so happy

  23. TIM

    August 26, 2008 at 4:20 am

    Ken could actually win….its a long shot though. I am a fan of the Shamrock so i hope he wins i dont like Kimbo at all.

  24. steve

    August 26, 2008 at 6:13 am

    Hah Ken could win wow what a prediction. Yeah and Kimbo could get in a wreck on the way there and die. Just b/c it could happen dont mean that it is going to. Ken will lose probally in the first couple of traded shots. I think he will fall as soon as he gets hit even a lil bit. Like I said after seeing him take a fall against Buzz I dont think he even cares about a W anymore.

  25. Nichole Lesniak

    August 26, 2008 at 7:06 am

    I said this yesterday in a different thread, but this is a train wreck of a fight. Real desperation on the part of Elite XC.

  26. TIM

    August 26, 2008 at 7:23 am

    Most definetly as they are obviously going for ratings where they need it to stay alive but in the long run they are hurting themselves…Now this would be a better fight at this time Kimbo VS. Rogers i hear that the winner of this fight will fight Rogers anyhow but really unless Ken shocks us all, it wont go past the first round. Now i am in now way a Kimbo fan just a MMA fan and diagnosing this fight.

  27. Fino

    August 26, 2008 at 8:09 am

    Kimbo is a joke. And unless Ken is paid in advance to take a dive, even a washed up Shamrock will easily defeat Kimbo. Kimbo needs to stick with hand picked openents outside of Jack in the Box.

  28. Derek

    August 26, 2008 at 8:20 am

    i really don't like kimbo …. so i'll stay with old school on this………..go kenny

  29. Nichole Lesniak

    August 26, 2008 at 8:30 am

    Agreed. Even for ratings this is a pretty lame match. People will watch it for Kimbo…and as much as I don't particularly care for Shamrock, I hope he puts Kimbo in his place.

    Rogers would have been a far better fight for real MMA fans, but alas, he surely would've killed Kimbo and disappointed the casual fans.

  30. Businessman

    August 26, 2008 at 10:40 am

    Elite was supposed to schedule Brett vs. Kimbo but then they must have realized that they singed a 4 fight deal with CBS…if they want to be back, they need to produce ratings. Although real fans know that Shamrock needs to retire, for non-fans he is a juge draw. Elite can draw from the casual fans, fans that recall the name, and possibly old WWE fans. This is a joke. I don'ty hate can't hate him for the stupidity and marketing that Elite has created. I can't stand that they think they are putting in a legitimate against Kimbo. Kimbo still has a long way to go but the one thing he does have is incredible punching power in the first couple minutes of his fights. Ken will not survive this flurry. Honestly, the moment Kimbo puts together a combination, Ken is done. I am almost embarrased to say this, but I am going to watch. If this was on PPV I would not shell out the $40 but since it is free I will watch…but mainly for the entertainment, not in an MMA-way but like in a circus.

  31. T.R.

    August 26, 2008 at 1:02 pm

    This fight is stupid but the crazy thing is that I know I will watch it and can't wait to see it.

  32. tlos

    August 26, 2008 at 2:15 pm

    i am with T.R. my jaw dropped when i heard about this fight. it will be interesting. whatever happened between the shamrock vs shamrock fight? was that just a hoax? haha

  33. steve

    August 26, 2008 at 3:56 pm

    Frank would kill his brother. Ken is just old and pathitic. He would probally lose in a bar fight anymore.

  34. John Wayne

    August 26, 2008 at 6:20 pm

    A lot of people CRITICIZE EliteXC for putting together "circus show like" fights instead of legitimate MMA fights.

    I think this is wrong…

    I don't think EliteXC can support themselves if they promote skilled fighters over fighters who can draw ratings.

    If they don't put together these ridiculous matches on a regular basis, there won't be an EliteXC. That is who they are, and that is the only way they can survive.

    So it's either:

    You can manage seeing the circus acts & want EliteXC to stay


    You can't handle seeing it, and would rather see EliteXC go the way of Bodog & the IFL

    Personally I'm not that excited about them, but I'd rather they stay then go

  35. dane drebin

    August 26, 2008 at 8:21 pm

    damn john wayne i couldnt agree with u more

  36. STEVEO

    August 26, 2008 at 10:18 pm

    I'd rather they go and the ufc add more weight classes and see affliciton get even stronger so there is a genuine competition between the two that way dana would have to stop treating his fighters like terds

  37. ben dover

    August 26, 2008 at 10:29 pm

    Shamrock will get killed by Kimbo Slice he is just so powerful.

  38. TIM

    August 27, 2008 at 12:28 am

    First Off Kimbo is not Powerfull he just fights weak opponents or has beens.. proven point he couldnt take out tompson, he took eveything Kimbo could throw at him and was still standing, he never fell down. So to say KLimbo is so powerfull is wrong…Now Brock Lesnar that is one powerful SOB, he knocked 2 men flat on their backs and made one roll over backwards from a DAMN JAB…that is POWER.

  39. TIM

    August 27, 2008 at 12:39 am

    Correct Myself the one against Mir was a Jab that dropped him on his Arse and against herrring is was a Overhand Right that knocked and rocked him sillly.

  40. Steve C

    August 27, 2008 at 1:27 am

    one thing is for sure if Ken Wins EliteXC dies!!!

  41. Nichole Lesniak

    August 27, 2008 at 2:28 am

    "I don’t think EliteXC can support themselves if they promote skilled fighters over fighters who can draw ratings."

    That's because they only HAVE 2 or 3 skilled fighters. All they have is second and third rate fighters.

    Although, the freak show that is Elite XC does provide one benefit – it makes UFC and Affliction look that much better!

  42. Alex

    August 27, 2008 at 11:53 am

    I agree Elite has looked bad lately especially with their last CBS show. I think they have a few A list fighters though like Lawler, Ninja, Big Foot, and Shields.

  43. dane drebin

    August 27, 2008 at 4:04 pm

    ninja and shields are A list fighters aswell as diaz but i dont think lawler is a list. he;s never really beaten anyone A lis imo. bigfoot shouldnt be conidered A list either until he beats a big name

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