Nick Diaz: Dealing With Mental Issues, “Stuck In This Game” [UFC 137]

nick diaz

Fighters Only Magazine posted some revealing quotes from Nick Diaz, just prior to him missing the UFC 137 press conference and being dropped from his title fight.

“Anything is better than what I have been going through. Maybe it’d be better to be locked up in prison. I’ve been trapped in this prison, and after every fight there is another… See, you don’t understand. When you get outta jail, that’s what it is… If I fight the fight, I win. I get out, I get off a little while and then get locked back up…”

“I don’t look forward to anything like that. I look past that, like, ‘Holy s**t… if I win this s**t I’m f**king stuck in this game.”

Dana White quoted as saying “I Will Never Trust Nick Diaz Again”. Is missing a press conference for a fight that is over a month away really that bad? If a company fighter like Kenny Florian missed a press event, would Dana get all up at arms? Change the main event and condemn him.