Nick Diaz Given The Boot From UFC 137, Carlos Condit Will Now Face GSP

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After not showing up to the UFC 137 press conference in Toronto, UFC President Dana White informed media that Nick Diaz will no longer be fighting for the welterweight title and will be replace by Carlos Condit. Condit has slated to face BJ Penn on the same card, Dana White says the UFC has yet to talk with “That Crazy Hawaiian” BJ Penn.

“Nick Diaz can’t handle the pressure of a major main event. … That’s what I think … I’ve had my reservations about this kid … Nick Diaz has lost his opportunity at the welterweight championship, and Carlos Condit has gotten it.”

“I would have to assume that, yes, we’re probably going to let him go, but we’ll see what happens.”

Apparently Nick slipped away from manager/trainer Cesar Gracie on Monday and has not been seen since. Gracie:

“I’ve stuck up for Nick, even when he was wrong before … But he’s let a lot of people down. He’s let his team down. We all bought plane tickets to Vegas. We got hotel rooms booked, paid for. We’ve got all that, and Nick just decided not to go to something he’s supposed to. They’re paying him a lot of money, and in this economy where people don’t have money, he’s blessed. He should be thanking God every night how blessed he is.

He’s one of my black belts. But in this situation, he is 100 percent wrong, and he got what he deserved.” [Junkie]

Where in the World is Nick Diaz?

Full video of Dana White addressing the situation below.