Nick Diaz vs Jason Mayhem Miller Fight Dead Due To Weight

nick diaz saying hello

We will just have to wait for Nick Diaz and Mayhem to settle their grudge that blew up when the two threw punches inside the cage, live on CBS.

According to Nick Diaz’s fight camp, negotiation with Jason Mayhem Miller were unsuccessful due to the unwillingness of Miller to fight at a catchweight of 178 and are asking Strikeforce to find another opponent for the January fightcard.

Jason “Mayhem” Miller has opted to not take a fight with Nick Diaz in January at a catchweight of 178lbs.

Despite having previously fought at the 170lbs weight limit, Miller now says that he is unwilling to meet at 178 and instead wants Strikeforce’s Welterweight Champion to move up to middleweight to fight him. [Gracie Fighter]

Miller, who has fought as low as 170 lbs. in the UFC, recently talked to Joe Rogan about the negative impact that cut had on his performance and his unwillingness to fight below 183 lbs.

“He’s scared homie” [Joe Rogan Podcast]

On a side note, to mock the famous saying of Nick Diaz, Mayhem has registered the domain as his official website.