Nick Diaz’s Lawyer Makes Good Point For Policy Change [NSAC]


Nick Diaz’s lawyer Ross C. Goodman talks with Sherdog about the Nevada State Athletic Commissions (NSAC) policy of testing for marijuana.

In this case, Nick Diaz tested for the presence of its metabolite, called “THC carboxylic acid,” which is an inactive ingredient of marijuana metabolite, which can stay in your system stored in your fat tissues for weeks, up to months, after use of marijuana. Most people understand that [the] psychological effects of marijuana after smoking it wear off within two to six hours. That is what the commission, the regulatory agencies, are concerned about because you don’t want somebody fighting under the influence or impaired by a psychoactive substance. Once that active ingredient wears off within two to six hours of use, then all that’s left are the residual metabolites from the metabolism of the marijuana stored in somebody’s fat tissues, which is not a controlled substance, which is not psychoactive, which is simply an inactive metabolite which has no impact on an athlete.

Goodman makes a good point of the NSAC testing for the inactive marijuana metabolite vs. the active THC in the fighters body. If Nick Diaz wasn’t a legal medical marijuana user in California this would be completely different issue. Should the NSAC be penalizing a fighter who is was not actively high for a fight?

Diaz hearing into this matter is set for next month.