No Donkey Semen On NBC, Network Pulls The Plug On Controversial Fear Factor Episode

donkey fear factor nbc

It looks like Joe Rogan and the crew of NBC Fear Factor will not be getting that chance to raise the bar of indecent things a humans can put in their mouths for money.

The controversial episode is entitled, “Hee Haw! Hee Haw!” An NBC media release teased it by saying the contestants will eat “the unimaginable.”

But the NBC website no longer lists that episode as airing tomorrow … and instead lists a repeat of an episode entitled “Snake Bite” — which first aired on January 2. [TMZ]

Last week the episode was rumored to be in jeopardy after many censorship groups complained and the Donkey & Mule Society proclaimed the episode an outrage.

It looks like NBC/Comcast execs got cold feet about airing the show and pulled it. Oh well, those poor innocent kids will just have to watch South Park, Jersey Shore (I guess human semen consumption is OK?) or that wholesome respectful presidential debate.