NSAC Gets Tougher On Steroids

steroid testing

steroid testing

In a memo sent to all Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) licensees on Jan 7, 2008, Chairman John Bailey announced that the NSAC will adopted stricter testing guidelines for fighter wishing to fight in the state of Nevada. The full memo can be seen on the NSAC website.

“non-compliant fighters have become very sophisticated in the timing of taking prohibited substances……Random testing throughout the year will further deter any fighters considering taking non-approved substances.”

New Random drug testing Policy:

  1. Fighters will be selected at random.
  2. Fighters who the NSAC suspects are taking a banned substance.
  3. Fighters who have previously tested positive for a banned substance.
  4. NSAC will pay for random tests

Bad news for all the potheads and roiders who have been gaming the system for years.