NSAC: Nick Diaz Given 12 Month Suspension, Fine 30%

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UFC fighter Nick Diaz was on hand today at the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) meeting to appeal his indefinite suspension after a positive for marijuana metabolites.

After a long back and forth between both sides, the commission ruled Nick Diaz will be suspended for 12-months and be fined 30% of purse and bonus. Suspension to start day of Carlos Condit fight.

This is how I feel about the whole situation,

Conor Heun:

The NSAC just took 30 percent of Diaz’s purse from the Condit fight for smoking pot but said Chael can continue to use Steriods. WTF! [@ConorHeun]

Lets be reminded, that Alistair Overeem tested positive for 14x the normal human testosterone level and tried to speed away from a random drug test and was only given 9 months.

NSAC: Nick Diaz 12 Month Suspension, Fine 30%