NY Passes Key Assembly Committee Vote, The First Step For MMA In NY

MMA came one step closer to legalization in New York today, the state assembly Committee on Tourism, Parks, Arts and Sports past a majority vote to further review MMA in the state of NY.

Bill 2009-B, which places the regulatory duties of the sport back in the hands of the New York State Athletic Commission, passed with a 14-6 vote. The state’s Codes Committee will now review and vote on the proposal’s legal implications. It is expected to then move right to the assembly floor for its final vote. [Sherdog]

While a final vote is still needed to make it out of committee, the primary vote is a good start for the legalization of mixed martial arts in the big apple.

Assemblyman Bob Reilly has been on a mission to block the sport, giving a 20 minute presentation before the vote on the brutality of the sport. The Presentation included clips of Cory Hills broken leg kick, Couture vs. Lesnar and Dana Whites controversial rant.

“I don’t think we should show that to kids,” Reilly, a former track coach, told AOL Fanhouse this week. “We don’t want that in our schools. We legislate bullying and domestic violence all the time, but how can kids tell the difference when they’re seeing it on TV, as a legitimate sport?”