OneFC and DREAM Partner Up [Asia]


Asian MMA just took a leap forward with a partnership between OneFC and DREAM. Here what we know so far, according to MMA-JAPAN.

Both sides have agreed to a copromotion at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in March.

A couple of DREAM fighters will be on the February OneFC card Indonesia.

DREAM should have 4-6 shows in 2012 – a big uptick from last year

OneFC will do 8-12 shows across Asia

The OneFC Network will now have at least 40 shows in 2012

The OneFC Network has now signed 21 EXCLUSIVE partners to it’s network. These include gyms, sponsors, and the like.

90% of all eligible Asian fighters are now under the OneFC umbrella – impressive numbers here!

The partnership is win-win for mixed martial arts in asia.