Overeem Has No Respect For Cro Cop, Looking For Revenge Come NYE


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Just as the dust settles on DREAM 6, Index.hr. was able to sit down with Alistair Overeem to get his side of the story, following his “No Contest” ruling for knees to the groin against Mirko Cro Cop at DREAM 6.

Overeem “Cro Cop is arrogant, thinks he’s a superstar but I’ve got a surprise for him”

Why do you have such animosity toward Mirko? Why has it become personal for you?

A.O: I honestly believe that Mirko is very arrogant person, he see’s himself as a superstar, something which he is not. We’re all just people and the important thing is that we stay respectful and be modest. I highly value respect and modesty in a person.

However it was you that began disrespecting Mirko first.

Yes that is true. He fought an very easy opponent at Dream 1 however the entire time he claimed he wanted to fight only the best. I thought it was important to declare my desire to fight him publicly and openly to the Dream officials and fans.

You’ve said that Mirko was looking for a way out of that fight and that was ducking you before the match even?

That’s true. He was looking for a way out. He could not hold on any longer. He was finished basically. We’ll just have to wait and see if he’ll hide again as he has in the past or step up for the revenge at NYE event.

Cro Cop says he’s the better fighter and that would his superior technique would have given him the victory in the end?

He can say what ever he wants, I don’t want to continue with the same dialogue. Just tell him I’ve got a big surprise waiting for him at NYE.

You’ve gained over 15 kilograms in a very short period of time, conditioning has been your biggest problem to date. Part of Mirko’s game plan in part was to drag you into a long battle and to expose your stamina.

That’s totally false. My new size will not hinder me in the least. I don’t have any issues with stamina or conditioning. The new mass has made me stronger and has only improved me as a fighter.

In the first fight Cro Cop wasn’t able to use his famous left leg. What do you put that down to?

“Its very simple. I’m not scared of his left leg.” Concluded the smiling Overeem.

TG [Betwwx] for the translation.