Ovince St. Preux Wins Over T.J. Cook

Ovince St. Preux won over T.J. Cook

The planned submission did not push through but nevertheless, Ovince St. Preux won over T.J. Cook at the Strikeforce “Rousey versus Kaufman” last Saturday at the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, California, USA.

St. Preux was the favorite among the crowd and he proved once more that he was deserving of the crowd’s praises as he clubbed Cook with a left hook to his head that caused the fighter to crumble to the ring.

After the fight, St. Preux was interviewed and he said: “I definitely think I rocked him pretty good in the first round. I wasn’t even looking at him, and I could tell that every time I hit him he was going limp, but he just kept on waking up.” But on the other hand, Cook was able to recover from St. Preux’s punches and even as the fighter attempted to finish him with a submission. He was able to regain his composure and recover; he was even seen to give hard shots of his own even before St. Preux delivered his final blow.

“I definitely was surprised [at how Cook recovered]. I stunned him really bad and went in for the finish, but every time I would get a clean shot in, he would come back,” St. Preux told Showtime Sports. He was also quick to add: “I think I exerted too much energy trying to finish him and kind of backed off a little bit.”

To recap, the first half of the second round was all about St. Preux giving Cook his moves. There was even a powerful double-leg takedown from the fighter before he was seen to transition to the mount as the bell for the second round sounded. In the third round, St. Preux had his chance and delivered the finishing move that made Cook give up the fight. A huge left hook landed on Cook’s skull and caused him to stop and fall flat to his back. Referee Mike Beltran called the game off to save Cook from further injuries.

St Preux ended the interview with a remark: “When the third round came, I was definitely feeling refreshed and had a little bounce to my step…” he mentioned that his coach was quick to tell him to give the overhead right and he did. “I went ahead and threw it and caught him right on the button. I knew he was out before he hit the ground.”