Pat Healey Looking for a Fight with Gilbert Mendez

Pat Healy

After defeating Mizuto Hirota via unanimous decision at the recent Strikeforce “Rockhold versus Kennedy”, Pat Healey is certain that he is ready to take on lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez. And this decision does not mean that he is not entirely pleased with his recent victory over Hirota, he is just very confident about his training and with his abilities as a fighter.

Pat Healey was a guest at Sherdog Radio Network’s “Jordan Breen Show” and he made several comments about his confidence in his training and his skills. He mentions: “I think I got a little complacent in my training with my wrestling.” He added that he has been getting a lot of luck lately and this was one of the reasons for his recent wins. “I’ve had a lot of luck lately being able to dominate the wrestling and king of getting takedowns whenever I wanted. I think of my training, I kind of neglected working on it as much as I should have. If anything, that’s what hindered me in the fight.”

During the initial rounds of the fight, Hirota seemed to be poised as the winner because of his strength and takedowns that gave him several points. Healey was able to perform in the second and the following rounds and of course was able to take the win. There were some cries of foul play during the fight since there was a judge that returned a 30-27 scorecard for Healey. Pat Healey on the other hand mentioned: “I think that card was unfortunate I don’t really see how you – I think I’m pretty honest with myself and I don’t really see how you could score the fight 30-27.”

Now Healey is determined that Melendez is his next opponent. He gained confidence after beating Mizuto who was a champion in his country and in two different organizations. This means that he fights world class style. Definitely he finds that he is ready for Melendez more than ever before.

He added during his interview : “I think that’s the perfect story of my career, I’ve felt like very rarely I have ever had people believing in me, or even when I got into Strikeforce… I think that’s just the story of my career. It doesn’t really bother me what people think.” He mentions that believing in yourself is what matters most in any fight.