Paul Daley: Having a Debut at Bellator Fighting Championships

Paul Daley: Having a Debut at Bellator Fighting Championships

Paul Daley: Having a Debut at Bellator Fighting ChampionshipsSigning at different contracts, Paul Daley sure wanted to win the fight in every match he’s in. After his contract with Strikeforce, Paul Daley has started with Bellator Fighting Championships with his bout against Rudy Bears. Following the years of fighting experience, Daley has not yet established a fixed position in MMA. His four fight contract with UFC showed impressive wins and significant departure. Daley then went on with other MMA promotions and landing at the Strikeforce. Another four fight contract was given to Daley but still his last three fights were not finished with defeat. Last June, Daley asked contract release from Strikeforce because of less MMA matches.

Daley’s Issues

Looking at Daley’s MMA fight history, he has always missed weighing in. In his last 14 bouts, Daley missed 6 weigh-ins. His last missed weigh-in was in BAMMA 7. Following the fight with Nick Diaz last 2011; Daley vowed to enhance his diet that would help him lessen his weight according to the fighting division he was in. Nonetheless, Daley missed again on the BAMMA 7 fight. Basically, Daley’s request for release in Strikeforce was mainly the frequency of fights he was getting. Daley would like to fight 6 times in year for MMA, which he wasn’t getting with Strikeforce.

Daley Switching to Bellator

Last June 15, a week after his release from Strikeforce, Daley signed with Bellator. Even though this has made a big change in his fighting career, many still question what Daley can accomplish in the future. His successful debut against Bears in Bellator 72 is just the start of his improvement in MMA fighting career. Daley is confident that he will get a bigger opportunity now that he is in Bellator. The fights are always big and tough to compete. However, according to Daley, it is important to condition himself mentally before going to any MMA fight in order to sustain his skills even with stronger and bigger opponents.