Plans for UFC 149: Still on Hold According to Dana White

Plans for UFC 149: Still on Hold According to Dana White

Plans for UFC 149: Still on Hold According to Dana WhiteDuring the press conference last Thursday on UFC 149, Dana White made an exciting announcement on the future of middleweight fights to be coming after the main card. Nonetheless, following the event at Calgary that seemed to be non-satisfactory, the views are turning around. Last Saturday, Hector Lombard made a debut that looked very thrilled compared to Tim Boetsch who won via split decision created the lackluster for the whole main event.

White’s Plans for Middleweight Division Championship

Any plans would have to be put on hold for now, according to White. Before UFC 149 lackluster main card performances, there is already plans and talks of contenders to possibly holding on to Anderson Silva’ next fight. Nonetheless, the plan is now on hold. When White’s was further probed on the issue and the next steps for 185-pound division, he only reiterated that the talks would be coming out in the next days. White was not in good mood especially after Lombard had his 25 fights streak beaten. White further discussed that this was all happening since Lombard was on all the hype then suddenly it all went down. On the other hand, Boetsch was seen by White to be active during the first round but played safe later because of the injury. Only did he have his kicks to maintain the bout with Lombard.

Developments on UFC 149

Of all the probably contenders to fight Silva, the Saturday night lackluster gave way for Chris Weidman who recently defeated Mark Munoz on middleweight division. White further stated that for any consolation, he would like to see Weidman take out the second top spot in middleweight or any similar MMA fighter like Weidman. Nonetheless, all these are still to happen soon. After the next bouts, White would probably think of the next opponent for Silva.

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  1. Dave X

    July 31, 2012 at 10:25 am

    I never comment on these articles but this is just the last straw. I am an MMA fan and have been for a while, and it pains me to see such an amateurish level of writing reporting news for this sport. “fighter”, the author of this and several other offending articles has truly given a black eye to the profession of sports writer with his general lack of quality throughout ever article he composes. Maybe we should give “fighter” the benefit of doubt and assume that he was an actual fighter and received an innumerable amount of punishment to his head, presumably because he was just as lousy of a fighter as he is a writer.

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