Quinton Ramage Jackson vs Rashad Evans Could Happen, December In Memphis



Rampage is claiming in a video by Computer Cowboy TV, that he will be fighting Rashad Evans in December. UFC 107 is expected in early December. Rampage, who was born in Memphis, has been pushing for the UFC to come to his hometown for some time. Here’s the transcript via the Potato.

Computer: Hey everybody, it’s Computer. You may remember me as the personal assistant from Three Six Mafia’s old reality show, Adventures in Hollyhood. I’m here with my friend Quinton Jackson. Quinton, would you like to say a few words?

Jackson: Hey guys, Rampage here. My friend Computer and I are from the Southern United States; you should already know what that implies. By the way, I punch people in their mouths. I know, it’s not really relevant to the conversation at hand, but I’m a little intoxicated, and it’s what I do.

Computer: It’s true, he does do that! Man, it’s great to be from Memphis, Tennessee! Speaking of which, Rashad Evans is going to get knocked out, sooner rather than later.

Jackson: Specifically, in Memphis this December.

Computer: Fighting’s great.

Jackson: Yes, It certainly is.

Computer: Indeed.

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