Rampage Jackson: Puting On Exciting Fights In Japan and “Fake A$$” Joe Rogan

rampage rogan

Quinton Rampage Jackson is looking forward to fighting for his old PRIDE fans in Japan. Rampage’s fight talk quickly turned to his burning beef with UFC commentator Joe Rogan.

“I think I would beat the shit out of Joe Rogan, as long he don’t get me to the ground because his Jiu-Jitsu is really good. He is biased to Jiu-Jitsu guys”

“If everybody was a Jiu-Jitsu fighter it would be a boarding ass sport”

Rampage anger stems from Rogan’s “One Dimensional” comments during his loss to UFC champ Jon Jones.

” ‘He’s so one-dimensional, he’s so one-dimensional’ – he’s going on about jiu-jitsu the whole time. That’s why I’m like, ‘Oh here comes Joe Rogan’ and he’s all fake in his face like he’s not just picked apart your whole game like he’s the best fighter in the world and he knows every decision you’re gonna make while he is just sitting there watching you.”

Rogan responds to Rampage’s comments on the Underground Forum,

“I think he’d beat the shit out of me too.”

“For the record, I like Rampage a lot. I’ve always enjoyed hanging out and talking with him. I’m sure if I talked with him about all this stuff he would feel a lot better about it. I’m certainly not hating on him, I’m a fan. When I talk about his game it’s because I have to analyze things objectively, and I think he’s one of the toughest, most dangerous guys in the game. If I describe something that I wish he would do it’s because I think his athletic and fighting potential is immense.”

“Honestly, if I have a “bias” it’s for aggressive strikers. Wanderlei is probably my all time favorite fighter. Anderson is right up there as well. I know both guys have great jiu jitsu, but there’s something incredibly exciting about watching a ferocious striker.”

“When I say that wrestling is the most important aspect of MMA it’s just my objective assesment. Of course I love beautiful and technical submission as well, but for the sheer “OH SHIT” factor, nothing comes close to KOs/”