Rampage Jackson Looking For Big Movie Payday Before Retiring From MMA


Quinton Rampage Jackson is only 32, but he is already contemplating retirement as soon as Hollywood starts paying him right.

“Honestly, I’ve been known for keeping it real and I have to keep it real. As soon as movies start paying me more than I make to fight, I’m gone. It don’t hurt to make movies. It don’t hurt that bad. Everyday I train. Everyday I’m like, ‘Man, I can’t wait until I get another big movie.’… I don’t have the type of blood Randy Couture has. I give it up to him. I take my hate off to that guy, but I’m not that guy. I don’t plan on fighting until I’m 40. And I’m not Chuck Liddell. I’m not coming to work inside the UFC office when I retire. That’s not me. I’m an entertainer, I like making people laugh. I like doing movies, action moves and stuff like that. I might even try to be a comedian one day, who knows?” [MMA Fight Corner]

I don’t blame Rampage, he has been in the fight game a long time and has experienced the good and bad side of the sport.

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