Randy Couture: Determined To Make The Fedor Fight Happen

randy couture

randy couture

In an interview with PunchDrunkGamer, Randy Couture states he is determined to make the fight with Fedor Emelianenko happen before he retires.

PDG: So you’re definitely planning on fighting Fedor at the end of the year?
Randy: Yeah, the last quarter of 2008 I expect to be in a position to find a way to make the Fedor fight happen. I know he’s going to have competition in between, and I hope those go well for him, and the status [of the fight] remains the same as it is now. I certainly have some acting and training to do between now and then that I am excited about. I’m going to focus on those things and stay in shape and stay sharp and be ready for that fight after my contracts have expired.

PDG: So that is the only fight left that you want?
Randy: At this stage of things, yes that is the only fight I want. I think that if that fight doesn’t happen then you will see me retire. I have been competing not to win titles, but purely for the love of competition and fighting guys that I thought were interesting to fight. Out of all the guys out there right now Fedor is the guy I want to fight. Win or lose I’ll probably retire after that fight and focus on all of that other stuff. At 44 right now, I’ll be 45 when that fight happens, that will be the best fight in my opinion to go out on either way.

Couture makes a bold statement “I’m not really going to settle with the UFC”.

PDG: Well Randy that’s it. I appreciate you taking the time to do the interview; I know you didn’t really want to do any. I also wasn’t planning on bothering you about your issues with the UFC, but thank you for the comments.
Randy: Well I didn’t really want to do any interviews that would inflame the situation or prevent me from settling with the UFC in a positive way. But the ground work has kind of been laid and now the situation is I’m not really going to settle with the UFC so it doesn’t matter. People are getting the word now though, but it’s all good.