Rankings in Middleweight Division: Who’s Next for Anderson Silva’s Fury?

Rankings in Middleweight Division: Who’s Next for Anderson Silva’s Fury?

Rankings in Middleweight Division: Who’s Next for Anderson Silva’s Fury?Seeing the league of Anderson Silva before, nobody would have imagined he would be able to expose himself as one of the best in middleweight division. Nonetheless, people change and improve themselves through their experiences. For the past week, Silva has outwitted every opponent and further promises a showcase of good fighting skills after winning over Chael Sonnen. Another man prominent in this division is Chris Weidman who showed his victory against Mark Munoz. Luke Rockhold even did the same after winning his bout against Tim Kennedy.

Who Are the Middleweight Candidates?

Even many fighters are showing their performances inside the Octagon in middleweight division, only one fighter is on top of them—Silva. To refresh you a little, Sonnen won against three opponents–Michael Bisping, Yushin Okami, and Brian Stann–but lost to Silva in his 3-year career. Nonetheless, the chances of getting the number 1 spot in middleweight division do not fade for Sonnen. Following the characteristics of Sonnen and Silva, almost 10 fighters are making claims to the middleweight ranking. These fighters are Tim Boetsch, Alan Belcher, Vitor Belfort, Hector Lombard, Munoz, Rockhold, Weidman, Stann, and Okami. Soon enough, the list will become shorter with matches on the way for Lombard against Boetsch and Bisping against Stann. Until these fights happen, the level of competition inside middleweight division is still arguable.

Who Would First Lose the Middleweight Rank?

For now, the toughest in their ranks are Sonnen and Silva leaving 8 fighters on cliff. Lombard entered the UFC being noteworthy match against Joe Doerksen. His spot in rankings is still undetermined since he will make a comeback match against Boetsch on UFC 149 this Saturday, July 21. If Lombard wins this match, his position in middleweight rank will be ensured. Another man on the wrong end is Munoz who had serious beating from Weidman and another decision loss to Okami.

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