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Updated: August 21, 2009 Discuss these current rankings here.


  1. Mike Brown
  2. Urijah Faber
  3. Jose Aldo
  4. Leonard Garcia
  5. Wagnney Fabiano
  6. Hatsu Hioki
  7. Rafael Assuncao
  8. “Lion” Takeshi Inoue
  9. Yugi Hoshino
  10. Marlon Sandro


  1. BJ Penn
  2. Eddie Alvarez
  3. Shinya Aoki
  4. Diego Sanchez
  5. Kenny Florian
  6. Gray Maynard
  7. Gilbert Melendez
  8. Josh Thompson
  9. Frankie Edgar
  10. Joachim Hansen


  1. Georges St. Pierre
  2. Jon Fitch
  3. Thiago Alves
  4. Jake Shields
  5. Mike “Quick” Swick
  6. Martin Kampmann
  7. Josh Koscheck
  8. Carlos Condit
  9. Matt Hughes
  10. Dan Hardy


  1. Anderson Silva
  2. Gregard Mousasi
  3. Dan Henderson
  4. Nate Marquardt
  5. Jorge Santiago
  6. Youshin Okami
  7. Demian Maia
  8. Robbie Lawler
  9. Vitor Belfort
  10. Yoshiro Akiyama


  1. Lyoto Machida
  2. Quinto “Rampage” Jackson
  3. Rashad Evans
  4. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua
  5. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira
  6. Forrest Griffin
  7. Luis Cane
  8. Rich Franklin
  9. Wanderlei Silva
  10. Keith Jardine


  1. Fedor Emelianenko
  2. Brock Lesnar
  3. Frank Mir
  4. Randy Couture
  5. Antonio Rogrigo Noguiera
  6. Josh Barnett
  7. Alistair Overeem
  8. Shane Carwin
  9. Brett Rogers
  10. Cain Velasquez


  1. Anderson Silva
  2. Georges St. Pierre
  3. Fedor Emelianenko
  4. Lyoto Machida
  5. BJ Penn
  6. Mike Brown
  7. Quinton Jackson
  8. Rashad Evans
  9. Gregard Mousasi
  10. Brian Bowles
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59 Comments on "MMA Rankings"

  1. kRiS-tYaHn

    There is no LW fighter in the world who walks around @ 205lbs then fights @ 155lbs, u have 2 B retarded or stupid 2 believe that BS!!! Andre the boxer, I dont think saying u were a boxer helped u out in anyway, if anything it made u look like a fool b/c of the stupid comments u made about LW & cutting weight. I wrestled in high school & had to cut weight every year & let me tell u, cutting weight is difficult as it is, but to cut more than…… 8-10lbs a day is insane but to say some fighters cut weight (50lbs) in a couple of days, WOW!!!! WOW!!!!

    As 4 the top P4P fighter, the people who say Anderson, Fedor, GSP R hands down the best P4P in the world are jsut as stupid as Andre's comments. If anything, GSP would B the 1 whos "hands down: he fought a P4P best in the world BJ Penn in his prime & owned him so bad BJ tries to use a lil dab of vaseline was 2 blame….. ughhh sorry BJ its called hard work, sacrifice & proper training as a Champ, something BJ still hasnt learned yet. Anyway 4 GSP 2 own a guy whos considered 1 of the best P4P in the world, only makes sence to say well noone else whos considered a top P4P has beatin a top P4P fighter, Xcept GSP, so GSP should be the P4P #1 in the world until Anderson fights GSP or Fedor & same goes 4 Fedor.

    No1 has the same resume, not even close 2 the resume GSP has in his 4 yrs and 2 months of being in the UFC. After 2009 GSP will have been in the UFC for 5 yrs & look @ his record & who he beat and how…… GSP has beatin the whos who in the WW & owned a BJ Penn in his prime, noone has ever beatin BJ easily, let alone embaress him like GSP did. Look @ Andersons & Fedors first 4 yrs in thier career & its not even close compared 2 GSP's first 20 fights, compare anderson & Fedors 20 first fighters & let me know how it compares 2 GSP's…… not even close enough 4 me 2 even consider reading a post that tries 2 say someone else has abetter resume of fighters GSP has fought & won. Also GSP is only 27yrs old, Anderson is 34 & Fedor is early 30s I think? YET GSP in my mind is the best fighter in the world P4P.

    Fedor was getting schooled by Arlovsky until Andre got stupid/cocky & tried a stupid flying knee instead of keeping it simple like he did the first 3 mins. Fedor looked human & looked very uncomfortable with Andre after Arlovsky was winning that fight, especially in the stand up. I think Fedor will lose if he fights Arlovsky again (its very possible that Fedor could love 2 Andre is my point) BUT Fedor will be fighting Barnett (cough cough) Dont care what any1 says, Josh Barnett is going to get owend by Fedor, Barnett has terrible terrible cardio which is another reason 2 think Fedor will eat him 4 lunch.

  2. The Diego Sanchez walk-in with the hand fist pumping & the "YESSS" "YESSS" "YESSS" was way 2 fucking funny not to mention & the GSP run in the octogone was funny as well. Which is up there with the Guida "BUUURP" after round 1 VS Diaz lol that was Xtremely funny as well!!!

    Also Guida burped after the 2nd round, but it was silent and not noisy, but he still had a half decent one lol!!!!

  3. dane drebin

    lol then how many days does it take to cut from 205 to light weight andre? enlighten us. Oh and what lightweight do you know that walks around at 205? bet you cant name 1.

  4. Al

    its absolutely ridiculous to think that any fighter who fights at lightweight walks around at 205…unless they were 5'8 and carrying 100 lbs of just pure fat, which would take months and months…and months to shed…and no fighter i know lets himself go that bad. And I don't think at 5'8 you can be that fat and still maintain any kind of athletic lifestyle…its nonsense, all nonsense!

  5. KC

    andre Says:

    February 22nd, 2009 at 1:04 pm

    "Anderson Silva P4P hands down, then GSP,Fedor has been fighting UFC left overs he beat Tim sylvia whoa I’m very impressed,Brock Lesnar would smash on fedor,and Arlovski. Machida and Evans should be ranked higher on p4p list, there both unbeaten in the most stacked division, I have them over penn after the GSP lost, and by the way machida already bet Penn. Evans vs Machida will be huge battle of unbeatens and its a title fight, the only fight that could be bigger is Silva vs GSP."

    Couldn't agree more Andre… lotta BJ Denial in here. BJ is WEAK along with Fedor who's fought noone, half his opponents crap their pants before the fight starts… looks like a big baby in biker shorts! LMAO! The sad thing is he'll wait till he's past his prime before he fights anyone from UFC and all the Fedor lovers will have their excuse. If Penns at 3 what was he ranked before???? LAME!!!

  6. jake

    yeah fedor has fought noone ###########

    he fought and beat andre arlvoski and tim silvia in the first round of his last two fights. get some info before you say stupid shit like that. btw im not deffending fedor, im just looking at the facts

  7. roy

    yeah kc comment was pretty lame,maybe when he watches mma and not just ufc he wil learn, but i dout it.

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