Rant: UFC President Dana White Goes Off On Fedor



Not often do I agree with Dana White, but this time he’s right. Fedor is ducking real competition. At least Cro Cop has the balls to compete.

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  1. hosan

    August 2, 2009 at 8:20 pm


    Visited both sites and it really sounds like a lot is being kept from the public by both parties, so it's not like we all know the facts here. Both parties need to find whatever middle-ground they can be on and work on a better resolution than what we've been hearing thus far. I don't see this happening while fedor is in contract. Finkel already said there is no way that fedor will fight for the ufc w/o co-promotion.

    Co-promotion may not mean 50/50 split, but it means a whole lot more money than the ufc is gonna be willing to part with. A co-promotion would mean that The UFC( the largest Mma affiliation and now household name) would combine it's marketing with m-1 global(a relatively unknown company with one asset). There would really be no "Co" to it. It'd be free advertising for m-1 at every ufc event. You realize how much that's actually worth? Dana white will never have "Zuffa and M-1 Global Present UFC:110". So I think we will wait. Maybe a year or 2 and then dealings directly w/fedor can begin. Right now though I can't see either party bending.

  2. Tim

    August 3, 2009 at 12:40 am

    An Exert From Yahoo Sports MMA:

    Emelianenko remains highly popular in Japan, where they don’t test for steroids and don’t honor U.S. suspensions. Barnett, who has been caught cheating more than once, could be licensed there and conceivably could fight Emelianenko.

    But there are precious few quality opponents for him outside of the UFC. And none of the fights would captivate the world’s interest the way UFC 100 did on July 11.

    Emelianenko is largely unknown in the U.S. despite his 30-1 record and long winning streak. The three pay-per-view shows he headlined in this country – PRIDE 32 in 2006, Affliction 1 in 2008 and Affliction 2 in January – sold a combined total of fewer than 300,000 units.

    UFC 100 alone sold well over 1.5 million.

    Finkelchtein clearly botched the negotiations, but he’s not to blame.

    If Emelianenko really wanted to be in the UFC and fight the best competition in the world, he would have made certain Finkelchtein got it done.

    If you want to blame someone in this fiasco, blame Emelianenko.

    It’s 100 percent his fault.

  3. Dave

    August 3, 2009 at 3:07 am

    It's funny that people can listen to Dana "The Angry Aerobics Instrcutor" White and actually believe him. If my job was to sell anything to any of you guys, I would be rich. After all of the things that White has said about Fedor, he's probably taking pleasure in pissing him off too. I guarentee you, Dana WHite's ego is to blame and assure you that Fedor isn't afraid of the UFC's heavyweight division. I'm not even sure that I would be afraid of it at this point.

  4. Tim

    August 3, 2009 at 3:49 am

    Facts are Facts, he blew off the UFC and Millions for what to fight in Strikeforce and face fucking nobodies again…yeah he has pussy alright. Fedor is a pussy and has lost all credibility in my opinion.

    If Fedor wanted to fight top level talent he would of made a deal with the UFC…end of story.

  5. Kash

    August 3, 2009 at 1:31 pm

    I believe Tim on this one. What Fedor wants he gets. He didn't want none of the UFC.

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