Rashad Evan Doesn’t Like Jon Jones “Snake Moves” Bashes Him Online


Still mad? Rashad Evans can’t seem to drop the fact that his former team and teammate Jon Jones has moved on. The former champion tells ProMMARadio his side of the story.

When asked if would be OK to bring Jon Jones on the team,

“I told Greg no and Greg went to Phil Nurse and talked to him about it and tried to convince Phil to convince me to let him on the team. Chris Luttrell is pretty much the guy that’s Greg first guy. He’s from way back in the day. He told Chris that he wants Jones because he’s the wave of the future. Ask any of those guys and they’ll corroborate my story. ”

What’s done is done. The thing that upsets me about Jon is how he threw me under the bus because he said he’d fight me after all that time we said we wouldn’t fight each other… It was a snake move and I don’t like snake moves. Be a man.”

The fight likely wont happen until the last quarter of 2011, but that hasn’t stopped Rashad Evans from unleashing a barrage of bullying on twitter.