Renen Barao’s Bet on UFC 149 is Jose Aldo but Receives Protest from Urijah Faber

Renen Barao’s Bet on UFC 149 is Jose Aldo but Receives Protest from Urijah Faber

Renen Barao’s Bet on UFC 149 is Jose Aldo but Receives Protest from Urijah FaberProbably some of the best fighters came from Nova Uniao Brazil and Alpha Male California that lined up the lightweight division in mixed martial arts. The best fighters that came from these two camps were Urijah Faber from Alpha Male and Renen Barao from Nova Uniao. Both fighters are destined to fight later this week on July 21 for bantamweight division. This seems to be an interesting match for many UFC fans. Just last year, another member of Nova Uniao, Jose Aldo, has won against Faber during a featherweight division match.

Faber vs. Aldo

During the featherweight division match, Aldo came very close with Faber that appears he has learned very well from the styles of the latter. Hence, as Barao and Aldo came from the same camp, it is not a surprise that the latter may have saved some hints on how to treat Faber during the July 21st fight. Through an interpreter last Thursday, Barao said, “We have an excellent strategy and obviously, we benefitted from Aldo’s input.” Barao is confident that Aldo already has knowledge on the styles of Urijah that will assist in devising their strategy against him.

Faber’s Remarks

Although the odds appear not in favor on Faber’s camp, he is not affected of the current news. He stands to be well prepared against Barao. Faber was formerly scheduled to fight Dominick Cruz but some changes have led to settle with Barao, a known unbeaten MMA fighter. Since April 2005, Barao hasn’t lost that made 28 wins out of his 29 fights. Both WEC and UFC fights reflected 5-0 for Barao that made him a suitable match against Faber. With this means, Faber recognized Barao’s style and talent but is not stumbling with Aldo’s probable contribution to Barao’s probable victory against him. Comparing both MMA fighters, Faber is much famous than Barao who only appeared twice in UFC main games. During the conference, Barao had taken 20 minutes replying to his first question, which was a benefit for Faber.

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  1. G.B.Hamerick

    July 17, 2012 at 5:43 am

    This will be a good fight and it is definitely hard to pick a solid winner but if faber comes in with some improved wresting skills he gets the slight advantage.

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