Results of UFC 148: Cung Le Victory Over Patrick Cote

Results of UFC 148: Cung Le Victory Over Patrick Cote

Results of UFC 148: Cung Le Victory Over Patrick CoteThe fight of a kick boxer and a power puncher ends up heavily blooded from last night’s UFC 148 July 7 event. The match was between Cung Le and Patrick Cote who both proved that they deserve to win. In 15 sizzling minutes of hard fight and great odds, being the Strikeforce middleweight champion in the past, Cung Le needed to prove himself. He toppled Patrick Cote with scores from the judges of 30-27. Still, the 40-year-old brave and veteran MMA fighter proved all his detractors wrong.

The Fight Scenes in Detail

At the beginning of the first round, varied combos and kicks were landing on Cote for the most first parts. Both fighters wanted to prove their determination in winning the fight. The next round became the hard time for both as the fight was very close having the whole scene on fire. Each fighter were bleeding because of heavy punches and blows from each other. Slower and sure third round became the ending fight with Cung Le landing all good strikes on Cote with a two takedowns.

Concluding the Fight

Cote wasn’t really prepared with the whole event. His odds were not in favor of him but of Le who was to fight Rich Franklin but later became the opponent in UFC 147 to fight Wanderlei Silva. In the score of 10-2, the victory of Cung Le was the first for UFC, who was a popular kick boxer and San Shou fighter. He can’t say that he’s on for a retirement when he being asked on the interview after the fight. He says that being a 40-year-old fighter, he made every person proud that even with this age, and throwing punches can still be worth. He has the determination, and he thinks, it is all the matters in MMA.