Robbers Beware, Antoni Hardonk Protecting The Street’s Of LA



Citizens of Los Angles can walk the streets in peace, knowing that a 6’4″ Dutch kickboxer is keeping an eye out for you. UFC heavyweight fighter Antoni Hardonk foils two robberies in the mean streets of LA.

The Dutch heavyweight told Yahoo! Sports how the thrio approached him looking for spare change to buy cigarettes with. He checked his pockets but did not have any, at which point one of the men produced a knife and demanded his wallet.

Hardonk, 6’4”, competes in the UFC heavyweight division and refused to give up his wallet without a fight. The three declined and left.

Having thwarted the trio once, he was being driven home from the scene by a friend when he spotted them engaged in another attempted robbery.

Jumping from the car, he ran over the crime and progress and knocked two of the man flying. The third made a run for it with the victim’s wallet, but was forced to abandon it as Hardonk gave chase.

All three men managed to get away and, according to Yahoo! Sports, Los Angeles police told Hardonk “that there were three similar incidents on the same block in the same week“.

No arrests have been made. [Yahoo Sports]