Roger Huerta Turns Down UFC Contract, Pursuing Acting



UFC lightweight fighter Roger “The Matador” Huerta (20-2-1) has apparently turn down a five fight contract extension with the UFC, so that he may pursue acting opportunities in 2009.

“I’m not burned out [with fighting] … I have one fight left with the UFC and I want to honor that. As soon as they tell me to fight, I’ll fight my last fight on the contract.”

After getting bit by the bug last summer shooting a role in the film “Tekken,” Huerta said the timing felt right to tackle a wholly different challenge.

“I saw that you have to dedicate as much as you do to training for a fight as you do for an acting role and I’m intrigued by that … I’m 25 years old. I see Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture and they didn’t really hit their primes till their thirties. I’m only going to be young so long and I know that movies and agencies and what not want the young look.”

Does “The Matador” plan to ever return to fighting and the UFC:

“The UFC is my home and it is my family and eventually I’ll come back … Pursuing the modeling and acting thing, that’s kind of where I’m at right now. The fighting will always be there. I’ll always have that in me. The truth is I’ve been fighting my whole life for everything, and this to me, is something else.”

An interesting note, according to the article Huerta was offered the fight with Joe Stevenson at UFC 95, but turned it down due to “personal family issues”. Diego Sanchez took the fight and will step in to face Joe “Daddy” on Feb. 21st.