Roid Watch: Alistair Overeem NSAC Hearing LIVE, Given 9-Month Suspension


UFC heavyweight Alistair Overeem will attempt to pleads his case for to the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) following a positive random drug test. The NSAC meeting starts at 12pm EST.


  • Over 35-year old fighter Mark Hunt gets approved to fight Stefan Struve at UFC 146. Gets extra brownie points for typing his NSAC commission application.
  • Overeem is live in house along with a very lawyery dude for his NSAC hearing.
  • NSAC Chairman: “[TRT] will be allowed sparingly and not as an excuse for ‘juicing'”
  • Keith Kizer: Following the presser “Overeem speeded out of the building” before taking the drug test. They had to call him and “get his ass” back or it would be considered a positive test.
  • Overeems team asks the NSAC for a continuance so they could gather more expert testimony.
  • Overeem talks to the commission for the first time, guarantees under oath that he will return before commission if given a continuance.
  • The motion for a continuance was denied!
  • Dr. Molina, Overeem’s Dallas doctor who prescribed the anti-inflammatory is being questioned by the NSAC.
  • This is the longest commission meeting I have ever witnessed.

Overeem’s doctor is more shady then Overeem.

Dr. Hector Oscar Molina’s patient who had been hospitalized for a botched breast augmentation surgery, the public should know be aware of the doctor’s shady background:

On December 31, 1998, Hector Oscar Molina, MD was arrested by Irving Police Department and charged with felony theft of $1500 or more. His case number is F-9900834 with Dallas County Court. [Ripoff Report]

That’s not all, he was also busted for prescribing meds online,

Molina, who was licensed in Texas in August 1997, violated the proper physician-patient relationship because he prescribed the drugs without having examined the patient, taken a proper history, acquired adequate medical records and performed adequate tests. [Star Telegraph]

  • After that shady doctors testimony, Overeems team makes the case for a shorter penalty since the injection was not performance enhancing.

Overeems prescription vial that was prescribed to him by Dr. Molina,

  • Overeem given 9-month suspension, on the condition he will not fight overseas in that time.
  • Suspension will be backdated to March 27, date the random drug test.

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  1. G.B.Hamerick

    April 25, 2012 at 4:16 am

    They gave this guy 9 months and back dated the time wow. So what is dana the dictator gonna do now? Will he ban this guy for screwing up his Mega fight card or will he succumb to pressure to allow this guy to continue fighting in the UFC? So what will Diaz get? The real question is how long will it take for overeem to get caught again and will his fight with Brock be considered a No Contest or DQ. I really want to see how they score that one.

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