Ronda Rousey Dislikes Kim Kardashian Even with Her Celebrity Prowess

Ronda Rousey Dislikes Kim Kardashian Even with Her Celebrity Prowess

Ronda Rousey Dislikes Kim Kardashian Even with Her Celebrity Prowess  Finally, Ronda Rousey got a response from Kim Kardashian after weeks of pulling off her criticisms against the latter. Nonetheless, Rousey wasn’t expecting the soft kind of response to come from Kardashian. During Wednesday night did Rousey commented on the Kardashian’s clever way of capturing everyone’s attention and started selling her products like hotcakes. The Olympic star and bantamweight women’s division champion ultimately showed her dislike over the celebrity.

Rousey’s Claim Against Kardashian

During the interview, Rousey immediately answered how she really disliked Kardashian’s use of a sex video to get her fame. “I think it’s pretty stupid, sorry, but it’s true,” Rousey exclaimed. This was only part of Rousey’s disgust over Kardashian as she persistently defended her argument on an interview via TMZ just last July 12. Rousey further negates what Kardashian shows to be a role model. Rousey sees Kardashian as unfit to be a model for teenage girls and is very much concerned of her little sister Julia who buys one of Kardashian’s shoes. During the interview on TMZ, one of the crew members responded to Rousey’s claims against Kardashian and confirmed that Kardashian already answered her statements. In all of her arguments, Kardashian was not mad or upset. She even told the TMZ crew that Rousey was pretty and there’s nothing mean to say in order to contradict her statements. Rousey responded by saying it was rather a nice move not to add more tension to what was apparent on the issue of Kardashian being a role model.

What’s Next for Rousey?

On August 18, fans are expecting another fight for Rousey against Sarah Kaufman. People became much interested with Rousey getting involved with a non-athletic star than Kaufman. On the other hand, the fight between Rousey and Kaufman yet promises another action-packed event as Kaufman is a former champion in Strikeforce who could well prove to be a test for the Olympic champion Rousey.