Ronda Rousey Strikes Michael Phelps and Provides a Back Seat Look at the Olympics


Ronda Rousey, Strikeforce bantamweight woman’s champion, talks about condoms, the Olympics and Michael Phelps of all things. At one of her recent interviews this MMA star didn’t hold back on her feelings about all of these subjects. She especially socked it to Michael Phelps and told him to get a life. Oh my!

Rousey did not have any kind words to say about Phelps’ behavior during the 2008 Olympics in Beijing where she was battling it out on the judo mats. She said that Phelps stayed separate from the rest of the Olympian pack of athletes even when NBA stars like Kobe Bryant would mingle with the rest of the crowd. During the taping of The Oprah Winfrey Show, Michael stayed backstage so that he wouldn’t be harassed by the rest of the Olympians.

When the members of the US team would head over to a club Phelps again kept his distance. According to Ronda Rousey, she found this behavior annoying and would like to know who he thinks he is to be acting this way. Rousey stated that she felt like she was being treated like a groupie and that she’d have a lot more respect for Phelps if he was slapped each time before entering the pool.

Asked for her feelings about the upcoming Olympics, she tells the Olympians that are heading to England to wear condoms. According to Rousey there’s going to be a lot of people in great shape congregating together in the one Olympic Village. She says that sometimes things can get pretty crazy and wild at the Olympics and the only advice that she would give to these athletes: condoms.

She also added that there were many occasions when Olympians could get together in a low-key atmosphere that didn’t involve partying between events. She mentioned that the cafeteria was one of her favorite places in the Village and that everyone would sit at the same table no matter how cool or famous they were. Unlike a high school cafeteria, there is no table where only the cool kids get to sit.

It seems that Michael Phelps just got a bit too into himself. The legend of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing has taken a hit by Rousey and it will be interesting to see if he strikes back. Perhaps the two should just take it to the cage for 5 minutes to get it out of both of their systems.